Painted Mario Walls: Now, that's a geek!

Painted Super Mario wall
Which geek doesn't like "Super Mario" and the old days of long  Nintendo gaming sessions? At Geek24, we love stuff like  Super Mario themes being played on guitar & piano a lot more than the latest Britney hits and if you are like us you are the right place let us assure you.


But, here's one geek who has gone a little further in "geekdom"  by painting his room walls in Super Mario theme. Check out the whole collection here. Really geeky. Really amazing.

Play the World's Smallest Games

Here are two of the world's smallest games - Pacman & Tic Tac Toe.

These games are so small that they are barely playable. But, then what would you expect from the guys who create the World's smallest Website. There's more stuff you can play there including World's smallest football, pong & asteroid.

Playing Space Invaders Game - The Geeky Way!

This is the  old way to play Space Invaders on an arcade machine

Space Invaders Snap Shot
And this is the way geeks play it... with real humans
Space Invaders - Real Game


Pretty neat.  It's a part of the Game Over project  played in theaters and festivals. Check out the site for a human version of Pong. 

Super Mario Game Walk: No Game Play, Just Walk

Super Mario Walk
If you have played Super Mario, you pretty much know the drill - fight the dragon, jump on the owl's  hit the bricks and save the girl. But  Myfanwy Ashmore, a designer and artist has altered the NES ROM and removed all the enemies, prizes and the rest of the architecture within the game. So, all you can do  is just walk and walk till the time finishes and you die!
To play or should we say walk this edition of Super Mario you will need to download a NES emulator like NESticle for PC or RockNES for the Mac and the altered ROM file from here. We don't know what the big idea or fun would be, but maybe all that walk perhaps will slim down Super Mario a bit ;)

Commodore 64: 30 Games in One Joystick

joystick games commodore 64We aren't sure if all our readers remember Commodore 64, but this great gaming joystick features 30 classic arcade games like Pitstop, Impossible Mission, Jumpman Junior from Commodore 64 era in a plug and play joystick. Just plug the controller directly onto a TV and start playing.

Of course, if you haven't ever played on Commodore 64, prepare to drop your jaws; because all these games are played in 64 KB of memory. You can grab the Commodore 64: Joystick from here for $24.99.
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Portable Speakers for PlayStation Portable

Portable Speaker system for PlayStation Portable - PSP Portable Speaker System with Docking Station from Kinyo
The Portable Speaker System for PSP from Kinyo docks with the PlayStation Portable for 5-watt RMS sound. The docking station has a input for PSP remote and a audio output jack for external sub-woofer.

Buying Information: Available for US $32.12 from Kinyo or from here.

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