The Chinese iPhone

If you were thinking Chinese could only make fake Reebok shoes, dig this - a fake chinese copy of the Apple iPhone via YouTube

iPhone Scratch & Crash Test: Will the iPhone scratch or break if it is dropped?

Wondering what will happen if you keep your iPhone in the pocket with  keys and other sharp objects? Will it scratch? What if you drop it, will it break? Yah, we been wanting to know that too.

Apple wouldn't obviously tell us but here's a video of the crash & scratch test done on iPod by the geeks at PC World and it seems the results are relieving. The iPhone can sustain quite a lot of abuse and dropping as is evident from the video. > Read more

Microsoft oPhone: Oh Oh Oh

 Here's Microsoft's answer to Apple iPhone; the oPhone. Oh god, we are chuckling at Microsoft's sense of humor!


PS: As per as our tipper, Rishi this video was shown at iMix 07 a Microsoft conference in Las Vegas. Anyone can confirm this?

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition

Nokia 8800 Sirocco

This just came through our Tech News. Nokia has unveiled the the Nokia 8800 Sirocco edition for sale. This is a a premium mobile phone that  features sounds and ringtones made by Brian Eno - a world renowed ambient music innovator, a premium user interface, 262,000 colour display and a 2 Megapixel camera all packaged into a stainless steel casing with a scratch proof glass display window. There is even an extended battery life, though how much is not yet not declared by Nokia.

It's a sexy looking thing but for about EUR 1000 it's quite  an expensive desire.  Of course, now if it had a built-in cellphone jammer or  could drive cars remotely then it would have been a different story.

Nokia 6230i as a Bluetooth Mouse

One of the things we geeks do very well is to come up with strange ways of doing things like frying bacon with a USB port or using the Nokia 6230i as Bluetooth mouse.

Here's a video of the project in action:

The Java software running on the Nokia captures multiple frames with the camera and translates that into direction and speed, which is sent to the PC as mouse movements. Defintely a geeky idea for laptop owners. Too bad we can't get our hands on the software yet.

The Most Irritating Ringtone in the World

We have heard quite a number of ringtones, but this one got to take the cake for being the most irritating. Of course, you are going to get all the attention you want, rest assured when it plays.

What do you guys think? Should we give the award? :) 

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