W700i Walkman Phone from Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson W700i
The W700i from Sony Ericsson is a tri-band GSM Walkman phone, with all the cool Sony Ericsson features we have got so used to in the Walkman phones including flight mode (keeps the phone switched off in a flight, but you can still use the MP3 player) has been announced today by Sony Ericsson, with a special feature - Titanium Gold color.


So what's the big 'new' and 'missing' things? Well, there's the gold color, of course :) Seriously, the gold is far better or suttle than the bright orange in the W800 and we like this better. But,  if you prefer W700 will also be available in white. > Read more

Samsung SCH W399 - Talking GPS Cell Phone!

Samsung SCH W399
The Samsung SCH W399 is not the first phone with a GPS, but is certainly the first one with a talking GPS. Yup, a portal Garmin with a Cellphone. Howzzzat?


The Samsung SCH W399 is a GSM+CDMA 1x phone with an integrated swivel 1.3 Megapixel camera, 57 MB memory,  and a 2.2  inch display, all the other whim wams like bluetooth and weighs a mere 90 gms.  It's not yet available but is expected to retail at around US $600. 

[Via PhoneyWorld

X2 - The Waterproof Bluetooth Headset from Bluetrek

Bluetrek X2
The Bluetrek X2 is the world's first waterproof and weather resistant bluetooth headset that can be used anywhere - camping, jumping or trekking in the rain. It also got good features to boot as well including:


  • Switch on/off
  • Pairing
  • Take a call, end a call, reject a call
  • Volume adjustment
  • Muting
  • Voice recognition
  • Redialing & Call waiting
  • Reconnection request (after switch off / on sequence)
  • Dedicated sound in the speaker for low battery, switch on, switch off, pairing, volume adjustment, voice activation, reconnection request, waiting call, etc.
The X2 uses a lithium polymer battery for 14 hours of talktime and a standby of up to 21 days. Weighs about 14 gms and more details are available at the Bluetrek site.


Samsung S4300 Cellphone: New & Sexy!

Samsung S4300
Swing it. That's the mantra for the new Samsung S4300 cellphone , which has a flick and swing design, with a sexy display and form factor. The S4300 has  1 GB of memory, FM tuner, a voice recorder, video player and 1.3 Megapixel Camera with a 128x220 pixel display. No information yet about this  baby's availability or price.

[Via AVING.net

External Flash for Cellphones - Phlash

Called Phlash, it's really the world's first external flash adaptor for all cellphones and so it's a great addon if your phone doesn't have a flash feature or is night blind :). Measuring just over 1 inches wide, it's kinda cute looking and can be either stuck or hung from the phone. To use just squeeze (err.. press) the Phlash button, when you click the capture on your phone.


We like it, and Phlash claims to be 12 times brighter than regular LED's, which is good for taking night shots. Currently Phlash is available for $19.99.

UMPC, Pocket Loox, Cellphone Killer: M.A.G.I.C. Phone with 8 GB hard disk and features to make James Bond jealous

Magic Phone

Forget the Microsoft Origami la' UMPC, and Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox; this one device has the potential to pretty much change the way you work and communicate.  Of course, it can even give James Bond a complex.

Weighing 300 gms, the M.A.G.I.C., is a quad-band GSM phone powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition, Intel Xscale 624 Mhz processor (the fastest currently) and supports GSM, EDGE, WAP, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, IrDA and USB.  For it's size of 125x70x32 mm, it also features a full function QWERTY keyboard, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, 8 GB Micro Hard disk, 2 Touch screen  QVGA display's (3.5" inch on the inner panel and 2.8" inch on the front), Two camera's (both 2 Megapixels), Integrated Micro SD slot. Already lusting for it? Wait, there is more;  Bio-metric security, VoIP, Video Streaming, Push to Talk, VGA output, USB printing, MP3 Stereo through speakers or audio out are just a bit of the stuff it supports.
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