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TuneJuice - iPod Battery Extender extends iPod battery life by 8 hours

TuneJuice iPod battery extender - extends your iPod battery life with a standard 9v batteryThe Apple iPod's can run for a long time on batteries but, what if you need more juice? And you are stuck on an airplane or a bus with no battery chargers or power. That's what the TuneJuice iPod battery extender is made for.

Simply plug in the TuneJuice into the iPod docking connector, put in a standard 9V battery and you can continue to enjoy the music and videos for another 8 hours of additional playback. If your iPod is completely drained of it's battery, you will still get up to 4 hours of playback with the TuneJuice iPod battery extender. Of couse, you can carry additional 9V batteries for more playback time.

The TuneJuice works with pretty much any iPod with a docking connector and it's available for US$ 18.99 from Think Geek 

Zen V and Zen V Plus: The new Creative iPod killers!

Zen V Plus from Creative
We have never been too fond of Creative MP3 players personally, but Zen V is different; it's quite a charming thing - not only to look at but also in features.
The Zen V features a 1.5" OLED display (OLED's are brighter than LCDs, which makes it really good for vidoes and  photos), one-touch navigation, 8 graphic equaliser presets  (including a custom one), a voice recorder and a "line-in" for recording straight from a CD player or any other source. That's super-cool, because you won't really need a computer to transfer your songs; you can just press record. The screen also can be flipped in any angle; even upside down.

The Zen V is available in 3 versions (1GB/2GB & 4GB) in five colors and they work for about 15 hours straight using a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery.  The Zen VPlus is the same specs but with an added functionality of FM-radio and video playback. Both the babies weigh about 43 gms and supports MP3, WMA, IMA, WMA DRM, Transcoded Video Format (on Zen V Plus) & JPEGs. The Zen V is priced at US $199.99 for 4GB model, US $149.99 for the 2GB and US$ 119.99 for the 1GB model and all of them are available from here. Pricing  and availability information for Zen VPlus however is not yet released.
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iPod nano cases that change color - automatically

Can't decide what color case to choose for your iPod nano? What about a white case? Okay, how about a case that changes color then?

Proporta's color changing iPod nano just do that; though currently they only change from a color to white, as the temperature rises or decreases; turning lighter as it get hotter and vice versa. The moulded case also protects the iPod nano and is currently available from Proporta in hot pink, deep blue and charcoal base colors for USD 19.95. 

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