MP3 Players

A Swiss Army Knife that plays MP3

Victorinox Swiss Beat MP3
 Nope, we didn't make that up. The first of it's kind, the Swiss Bit S.Beat MP3 army knife from Victorinox has a blade, nail file, scissors and a detachable 1 GB MP3 player, which plays MP3, WAV, WMA files and integrates an  FM player with voice recorder.


Being detachable, you can carry just the MP3 player  and leave the swiss army knife in the checked-in baggage when flying. The MP3 player works for upto 8 hours on a single charge, and the other parts like nail file and scissors work with raw human power :)  Costs about 99 pounds.

The iPod Nano from Future

It's not April Fool yet. But, before you scream murder let's make one thing very clear - this product isn't REAL. And it's not available anywhere. It's just an artist's impression, a guy called Chan Karunamuni.

ipod nano artist impression


Overall, we like the design, though you may have more chances of being stopped and checked at airports carrying a cylindrical titanium iPod, and keeping it straight on the desk would be difficult without it rolling away (maybe the next version should have an iPod roller-stop!). But the tagline "Free your hard disc" is smart. > Read more

Bose SoundDock System for iPod or iPod mini

Bose Sounddock
If you haven't already got one this Christmas, perhaps it's time to get yourself a gift. And what better than a Bose SoundDock - the docking station for your iPod. It works with both iPod and iPod mini and uses the proprietary Bose technology to deliver clear acoustic sound and requires no cables to hook up.
Costs around $285 and comes with a remote, but 'jealousy-filters' and the 'ipod' shown in the picture are not included. 

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