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So you are looking for gadgets to satisfy your geek desires? Then you are at the right place. The Geek Gadgets section on Geek 24 covers a variety of geeky gadgets and electronic gizmos like cellphones, MP3 players and toys that you will love.

iPod Digital Drumsticks: Portable drumming with the iPod music

ipod digital drumsticksDid you ever want to drum along with the music playing on your iPod or your home Hi-Fi? Well, then this is what you need - the iPod digital drumsticks.  Activated by motion, with these drumsticks you can play a  number of  drum and cymbal effects combinations, which include a tom-tom, bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat and crash cymbal without owning a whole drum set, pretty much anywhere.

The drumsticks are connected to the iPod or any other audio device like the hi-fi via a control module that clips  to a belt and also has a headphone output for silent play if you ever need it. It's a nice idea and they are portable so you can carry them to a party or do a impromptu gig. Available for US$ 29.95 from here

USB Barbecue Hot Plate

We have been featuring geeks with some really geeky projects for quite some time now. But, perhaps this one will take the cake for being the weirdest; till we find another one like this i.e. :-)

The  USB powered barbecue hot plate is the creation of Kaizo Aho Ichidai, a hardware geek who likes to grill his bacon with computer power rather than regular electricity.  The hot plate works with the power of 30 USB ports, using six USB expansion cards and requires an array of USB cables to be soldered to the hot plate. Of course, you must be thinking  why some one would go to such lengths to fry bacon. But, hey that's a geek. Don't expect to see this device in stores anywhere though.

The Mousepad Speakerphone

mousepad with speaker phone
Look ma it's a Mouse pad and it's a Speakerphone!  The Speakerphone features Caller-ID, 110 phone book memory, customizable 48 ring tones, 16 hold melodies, 10 display languages and also works like a calculator and an alarm clock.

Not bad for US$ 19.95 from Amazon. Though, we would have loved it more if it could  Skype, but at that price  it's a good deal.

Discount Deal: Archos AV 700 40GB Mobile Recorder for US$ 369.98

archos av700 video player and digital music playerWe had talked about the Archos AV700 in April this year. Archos AV 700 is a portable DVR - a Digital Video Recording and Playback device with 7" inch color video screen  that can play back all your videos (160 hours of video/100 movies),  photos (400,000 of them), and MP3 songs (20,000) on the go, record directly from the TV, VCR or DVD player and even play games with the bundled Mophun gaming platform.

Archos AV 700 has 30 hours of battery life for music and 4 hours for video playback. Though the AV700 has  been in our must have and lust list,  unfortunately at US$ 699.99 it's been pretty expensive and the only  reason why you couldn't own this cool gadget. Thankfully, now our Discount Deals team have tracked down a no-catch deal on AV 700  at US$ 369.98 (you save US$ 330.01 or 47%)  from here. No idea how long it lasts, but if you wanted to own one, now is a good time.

LED Binary Watch

binary led watch from think geek. awesome geek watch for geeks. displays time only in binaryThe Binary LED watch from Think Geek is a special watch, which only geeks would want to wear. And there's a big reason why. You see, the watch  doesn't have any minute or hour hands, instead the face contains 10 LEDs, which are used to indicate the time in binary sequence (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32) depending on how many LEDs are glowing; the top row for hours and the bottom row for the minutes.

If that's not enough to say you are a 'geek', the LEDs are also embedded in a circuit board face. What do we say? This is a 'geek' watch. Be prepared for some reactions like "What's that?" and "How did you do that?" when people ask you for the time.  We love it. Get it for US $69.99 from here > Read more

Pedal Powered Television

This is an awesome electronic project. Built on a home made electronic project called the "Pedal Generator", the Pedal Powered Television is a great way to generate electricity, burn some fat and watch TV all at the same time.


The Pedal Generator can power 12V DC appliances and gadgets directly and in case of things televisions, you can connect them via a power inverter. If you are upto it you can also make one for yourself with the plans available from here. Very cool.

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