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So you are looking for gadgets to satisfy your geek desires? Then you are at the right place. The Geek Gadgets section on Geek 24 covers a variety of geeky gadgets and electronic gizmos like cellphones, MP3 players and toys that you will love.

Backpack Bicycle: Foldable, Light weight Bicycle for a quick getaway

Say hello to the automotive miracle; the backpack bicycle. A cycle that weighs only 12lbs and folds to a volume of 1 cubic foot. Or in other words, a bicycle that can be carried just about anywhere, in a bus, car, aircraft, inside a backpack for use with in 10 seconds.

That's right. 10 seconds is all it takes for the entire bicycle to be unfolded with some really quick release clamps.  And don't even think this bike is a fragile or a show piece because it fits into a backpack.  > Read more

R2-D2 with Wireless Web Cam: The Star Wars Spy Robot

This one is for Star Wars geeks and R2-D2 fans. The new 30th anniversary edition of the R2-D2 bot,  just became available for purchase.

Though it looks similar to the  voice activated R2-D2 edition we featured earlier, the R2 D2 bot with Wireless Cam masquerades as a secret spy robot with a 628 x 528 pixel web camera that wirelessly transmits real-time video and audio, takes snapshots, pictures and even records voices, all while looking like a toy.  > Read more

Pistol Mouse: Point & Shoot

Every once in a while we hit a gadget that's unique in a rather strange  and weird way and that's where this Pistol Mouse fits in our gadget list. 

Basically, it's a mouse for 3D games so you can point and shoot instead of clicking but it can be used as a regular mouse too. Too bad, it only works with Windows (98/XP/Me) or we would pick up one. If you want one you can buy one from here.

Think Someone Panics too fast? Give them a Panic Button


Okay, this gave us some serious laughs; you know just like the 'any key' jokes you have heard.

But, what's different is that  you can actually buy one of these panic key buttons. Stick it on your boss, telephone, dashboard or even your mother-in-law and have some fun. 

Green LED Dot Matrix Watch

Remember the good old days of green CRT displays?

The green LED dot matrix display watch from Ximax will remind of you just that.

The LED dot matrix watch displays both, time and date in animated fashion.

Grab it from US$ 39.99 from

How To: Make a Backpack with a Macintosh Classic SE

A backpack made from a classic Macintosh SE. Yah, it ain't going to pretty or light, but hey how many geeks have one of these? huh?


The instructions for building one like this is here. What we love about the Macintosh SE is that it does make a nice backpack, you can't make something like this from a IBM PC, nada.
> Read more

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