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So you are looking for gadgets to satisfy your geek desires? Then you are at the right place. The Geek Gadgets section on Geek 24 covers a variety of geeky gadgets and electronic gizmos like cellphones, MP3 players and toys that you will love.

Osho Pocket Toothbrush - The Geek's Toothbrush

So, you have the latest  all alumunium MacBook Pro, a pair of geek shirts to wear and even some geeky cufflinks for that ultra-geeky image, but what about your toothbrush? Is that geeky enough?

Yah, we know what you are thinking - a geeky toothbrush, now what's that made of - silicon? Nope. But one look at it and you will agree it's definitely geeky.

The OSHO as it's called is actually a travel toothbrush that stores it's own ration of toothpaste in the handle. Just turn the knob clockwise and the toothpaste gets dispensed in style that even James Bond will want. The window on the handle always shows how much toothpaste is left and the paste can be refilled with a colgate compatible "plug" and an universal adapter. It's available from ThinkGeek for US $19.99 currently. > Read more

Roomba's Christmas Deal: Buy 2 cleaning robots for the price for 1


If you have been wanting to buy or gift the iRobot Scooba or the Roomba this Christmas, here's a great deal our fellow geekers found. 

Buy the Scooba 5900 floor washing robot and get the Roomba 401 vacuuming robot absolutely Free! Yeah, we aren't kidding :) Plus iRobot is also offering free shipping if you click through here. Not bad, aye?

The Pocket Sized 4 Port Micro USB Hub

tiny usb hub - micro usb hub with 4 ports 

Measuring just 1.5x0.5x1.0 inches and weighing a mere 13.6 ounces the 4 Port Micro USB hub from Ziotek is one really small tiny hub, which you can carry anywhere in your pocket.  The USB hub supports Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP & Mac OS X and is available from here for US $9.95.

Excuse Box: The Instant Excuse Machine

excuse machineYou know the drill. One of your "not so close" friend calls and goes on and on yada yada, till you end up making some excuse, which often doesn't work, because they might just say  "Oh , I didn't hear your other phone ring, maybe they disconnected. Okay, so I was saying....".  But,  thanks to the good guys at Think Geek, there's  now a solution in the form of a small gadget  that can save you from those pesky calls.

It's called the Excuse Box and it's an instant excuse machine, which holds 10 full minutes of environmental effects for that quick escape from any annoying phone call. Press a button to instantly playback sound effects like thunderstorms, crying baby, a phone ringing or any of the other 7 sound effects  and add a good excuse . > Read more

iPod Baseball Speaker Pillow

Talk of some really strange gadgets, this iPod Baseball Speaker Pillow is a cozy pillow that includes a full range speaker, which plays music from an iPod, casette player or any other MP3 player. No power needed either.

Now, why didn't we think of that? it's available for US$14.99 from here

iGameZ iPod/MP3 Player Music Game

iGameZ iPod Music Game
Here comes a wacky gadget that can be quite a roll at a party. The iGameZ iPod music game, uses an iPod or any other MP3 player for a party game of "Guess the Song" or "Guess the Artist".

The game starts by and your friends plugging their MP3 players into the iGameZ hub, which supports upto 4 players. The hub  selects the first MP3 player, who should choose a song from their music library, iGameZ hub then announces if the other players have to guess the title or the artist. Answer correctly for a point and the player who scores 5 points wins the game. Available for US > Read more

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