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So you are looking for gadgets to satisfy your geek desires? Then you are at the right place. The Geek Gadgets section on Geek 24 covers a variety of geeky gadgets and electronic gizmos like cellphones, MP3 players and toys that you will love.

Personal Electronics Power Station

Personal Electronics Power Station - Charge iPod and other devices from one docking station

The Personal Electronics Power Station can charge up to 3 electronic devices in one convenient place with a single docking station. The idea is to have less entangled wires and better organization of your electronic gadgets without a mess.

We like the idea, a good device to have for US$ 18.97 from here

Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Motorized Ice Cream Cone
Here's another gadget for lazy geeks which goes well with the Twirling Spaghetti Fork.


"Load the removable dish with ice cream, push the button and the ice cream turns while you enjoy one of the worlds most popular treats."

Maybe someone should just make a direct food injection system. That will be easier :) 

Stealth Switch: Instantly hide Applications, Games and your Desktop

stealth switch: hides applications with a simple foot click
If you sneak in games or are onto stuff you shouldn't doing at work with your computer then you are going to love this little gadget.

The Stealth Switch is a "desktop cloaking device", an innocous looking foot switch which will hide applications you are running with a simple foot tap. Whether it's a game, a swimsuit slideshow or something sleazier, the Stealth  Switch will hide it from your nosy co-worker or your boss before they see it.

But, that's not all. The Stealth Switch also mutes sounds, and the included software lets you choose which applications gets hidden and which doesn't. So, you can always have an Excel spreadsheet show up when you press the foot switch.  Of course, you can do the same thing with "boss key" applications but the stealth switch makes it easy and there  is very little chance that someone will notice a foot switch being tapped vis-a-vis obvious keystrokes or mouse gestures. > Read more

Lego Knitting Machine


LEGO knitting machine

LEGOs are wonderful. A little while back we talked about a geek who made a plotter out of LEGO. But, here's a geek who has made something equally good - a LEGO knitting machine.

The complete set of pictures and a movie of the working model is here.

The Thumb USB Drive: The Freaky USB Drive


Thumb USB Drive


Oh my God!! This is one USB drive we won't be using any time in the future.  And please don't ask us where you can find one.

The Mother of all Tool Kits: Handymans Chrome-Vanadium Tool Suitcase

handyman toolcase with 124-piece toolsetWhether you play the role of a handyman regularly or occasionally this 124-piece Handymans Chrome-Vanadium toolset in a Suitcase is the mother of all tool kits you can buy today.

The set includes the following chrome vanadium tools: six metric combination wrenches, six SAE combination wrenches, one adjustable wrench, one needlenose pliers, one slipjoint pliers, one tongue-and-groove pliers, 41 piece socket set with ratchet, four nutdrivers, and 16 hex keys. Also includes: six screwdrivers, six precision screwdrivers, two stubby screwdrivers, one magnetic pick-up tool, one screw bit holder, 24 screw bi ts, one pair of wire cutters, one multi-level, one claw hammer, one measuring tape, one utility knife, one locking pliers, and one hacksaw. All of that comes in a dent resistant wheeled alumunium case, secured with elastic strapsand five pliable foam dividers protect the tools. > Read more

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