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Dr Who Master's Pocket Watch: Authentic Officially licensed replica from Doctor Who TV series

If you are a fan of the Doctor Who TV series, you can't miss this one - The Doctor Who Master's Pocket Watch; an authentic, officially licensed replica from the Doctor Who TV series, the fully functional watch is available in plastic and die cast metal, with a nightlight feature and waistcoat chain to keep it fully authe > Read more

Android Fridge Magnet: Stick the droid on your Fridge

So, you got yourself the new Android phone, it runs Linux, it's got widgets, it's got .. yeah yeah, we get the picture; it's awesome, and we know you are a "fan". > Read more

Harry Potter Wizards Collection: All the 8 Movies in 31 Discs

If you are a Harry Potter geek, you gotta get your hands on this; the limited edition set of Harry Potter movies on 31 discs in Blu-Ray, DVD and UltraViolet Digital Copy.

You read that right - 31 discs! That's over 37 hours of Harry Potter, which is about 2 days of back-to-back watching. > Read more

Linux User Parking Sign

If you got to have a parking sign get this.  Love the tagline "Linux User Parking Only - All others will be reformatted". It had us ROTFL for sometime.


Grab it from here for US$ 19.95.

USB Powered Shaver: Shaves your Coding Beard with USB Power

Move aside regular battery powered shavers, the USB powered Shaver is great gadget for a quick shave in a conference room, your desk, in a airport or after long sessions of coding when you grow the 'coding beard' as we like to call it in Geek24, all while you get the 'cool and geek' look from everyone else. Just plug it into a USB port and you are all ready for a quick shave while the USB shaver's internal battery gets charged.
> Read more

Circuit Board Coasters

Slap a bottle of beer or a mug of coffee on these circuit board coasters and you are sure get that "oh you are geek" look. Interesting stuff, don't you think?

Available for US$ 19.99 from Think Geek. 

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