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Super Mario Keychains

Super Mario Keychains
We used to spend hours playing Super Mario Bros on Nintendo consoles for hours at a stretch and maybe if you were like us you did it, finding hidden 1Up mushrooms, avoiding the devilish owls and jumping over flying ducks.  Now, here's a way to carry some of those characters with you, on your keychain.

Imported straight from Japan, these squishy Super Mario keychains feature  characters from the Super Mario brothers gang, which include the 1Up mushroom and the Owl. 

It's a great and cheap gift (at US$ 3.99 a piece from here) for a geek friend or yourself. Too bad that you  can't choose a specific one while buying; you get a random one from the set of 6.

Geek Belt Buckles:

"When it comes to awesome belts a few immediately come to mind. Batman of course with his utility belt carrying an almost endless array of superhero gadgets and goodies. Luke Skywalker also had a belt that came in handy on a few occasions, like using his hook and cable to swing with Leia to safety. Now we certainly won't claim that these belt buckles will transform your belt into something worthy of a superhero but they are still cool"

Okay we get the idea and we like these, particularly the Darth Vader belt buckle. If you want one of these for your belt they are available at ThinkGeek

Star Trek Klingon Dictionary: Must have for an Intergalactic Traveller

klingon dictionary - learn klingon

"You are without honor if you don't learn to speak Klingon", says Ritesh who sends us this tip. 

We agree, if you are trekkie you can't afford to not have the Klingon Dictionary with you, after all  the last thing you would want  is a language problem with a Klingon in  one of your intergalactic travels :) It's available for US$9.96 from here

Geek Gifts from Recycled Electronics

floppy disk notebook made from recycled computer floppieschristmas tree ornament made from recycled circutboard
Just a little while back we had a post about a keychain made from hard drive parts. Nicola Harper, the founder of Acorn Studios and a geek has a whole lot of such things made from recycled computer parts up for sale. Though our favorite is the floppy disk notebook, which is made from recycled 5 1/4 floppies, our staffers were also pretty impressed with the christmas tree ornaments made from recycled motherboard & circuitboards too; they are great for making a geeky christmas tree this season.

The floppy disk notebook is available for US$9.95 a piece (you get one free if you buy three) and the circuitboard tree ornament is for US $14.95 a piece.

Geek Jewelry - Theory of Relativity Heart 14K Gold Necklace

14K Gold Theory of Relativity Heart Necklace
Love is relative they say. No wonder then that this 14K Gold Theory of Relativity Heart Necklace from Suz Andreasen flaunts the theory of relativity (E=MC2) by Albert Einstein on it's pendant. Now, that's some geek jewelry for a girl. It's available for US$400 from here.

Excuse Box: The Instant Excuse Machine

excuse machineYou know the drill. One of your "not so close" friend calls and goes on and on yada yada, till you end up making some excuse, which often doesn't work, because they might just say  "Oh , I didn't hear your other phone ring, maybe they disconnected. Okay, so I was saying....".  But,  thanks to the good guys at Think Geek, there's  now a solution in the form of a small gadget  that can save you from those pesky calls.

It's called the Excuse Box and it's an instant excuse machine, which holds 10 full minutes of environmental effects for that quick escape from any annoying phone call. Press a button to instantly playback sound effects like thunderstorms, crying baby, a phone ringing or any of the other 7 sound effects  and add a good excuse . > Read more

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