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Our Halloween Gift Idea: The 50 Classic Horror Movies Collection

Halloween is just round the corner. So, here's a nice gift idea we recommend for a geek friend who loves to watch movies; the 50 classic horror movies collection.

The collection bundles movies like Night of the Living Dead, Metropolis, the original 1922 Nosferatu, Dementia 13, House on Haunted Hill and even the classic silent master piece The Phantom of the Opera. An amazing DVD collection in 12 Double-sided DVDs for US$29.95 from here > Read more

Snore Stopper: Techie gadget that stops Snoring once and for all

snore stopper stops snoring once and for all; snore stopping gadget
Snoring  can be really annoying; especially for people around and generally pills are the only thing that works for snoring problems, apart from giving the snoring person a loud thwap :). The 'snore stopper' however is the techie answer to this common but annoying problem, that claims to stop snoring once and for all.

The 'snore stopper', worn around the wrist like a watch uses a sensitive sound detector to detect snoring and send a electric signal without waking or disturbing your sleep. Though it's a very harmless electric signal, this signal gives you an 'electronic pat' (to put it in simple terms), which gets you to stop snorning. Eventually, your body  learns to avoid the electrical signals by not snoring during sleep. It's available for US$ 59.95 from here > Read more

iBeat: Illuminating Headphones for iPod

iBeat illuminated headphonesThe iBeat headphones with EL-illuminated wires flash and blink to the beat of the music with the iPod, iPod Mini, Shuffle or any other MP3 player with a headphone jack in pink, blue, aqua, orange, white and green colors (depending on which one you buy!). 

Pretty cool way to show your iPod around, don't you think? The iBeat  requires 2 AAA batteries for power and it's available for US $29.97 from here.

Robot Desk Lamp

robot desk lamp
This flexi "Robot Desk Lamp"  has adjustable head, body, arms and legs so you can change him around from day to day. The lamp can also hold on to pens, notes and some other small things with the clip  hands. 

The Robot Desk lamp is rated for a 20-W high intensity bulb, which is included. Available for US $29.99 from here. Geeky stuff.

Top 10 Geeky Father's Day Gifts

Looking for the perfect geeky gift for your dad this father's day, the 18th June 2006? Then hopefully, this list will help you find something you and your dad both like! Here are our recommendations.

Binary Dad T-Shirt

What better way to tell the world that your dad is geek. The "Binary Dad" T-shirt is  in  'dad friendly' blue with DAD printed in 0 & 1's on the front in white.   Available for US $14.99 - 16.99 | More Info/Buy


Touch Screen Hand-held Soduku

If you dad loves playing Soduku, this touch screen hand-held Soduku is the ultimate gift for this father's day.The hand-held Soduku features 835 puzzles, 4 levels of difficulty and a game-timer with optional hints, if your dad gets stuck :) Available for US $19.99 | More Info/Buy > Read more

Mus II: Mouse that looks like a Mouse Pointer

Mus II is a cordless optical two-button mouse that looks like a mouse pointer. Available in Black or white, Mus II has a power indicator inside the mouse handle that lights up when the battery is low.

Mus II is compatible with both Windows & Mac OS X and will be available online from Art.Lebedev Studio  for USD 60 after May 15 2006. 

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