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Buzzaire - Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler

Buzzaire - Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler
Buzzaire is, quite simply, a caffeine inhaler. Yah, that's right why drink, when you can inhale. :)

One squeeze, one inhale, and you've just rushed 150mg of caffeine into your blood stream. It works well, because mints or drinks have to go through your digestive tract first before partying in your blood (or through your skin, in the case of caffeinated soap). But, the lung/blood barrier is the fastest way (other than injection or IV) to get caffeine into your system. So, it is almost as good as a 'keep awake' pill.
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Portable Washing Machine from Astone

Astone Mobile Washer
The convenience of a washing machine anywhere. That's one hell of a reason why you really really need this product (shameless unpaid marketing plug) - the Astone Mobile Washer. This inflatable washing machine can hold about 6 litres of water and weighs only 2 Kgs. Though we aren't really sure how well it will clean, it's definitely a good gift idea at $70 as well. Releasing in June 2006 by Astone Australia.


iPod Teddy - Dances with Music


iPod teddy


This one is strictly for gurls.. these teddies will play and dance with the music out loud  after they are connected to an iPod or an MP3 player with a built-in amplifier and speakers. Seems to be available in Japan only. Maybe Techie Diva has a better idea about this one.

Talking Toilet Roll Holder

A toilet roll holder that speaks, exactly what you need to remind yourself and others "to flush your hands" or "that you  have made 5 points in toilet olympics".  It's priced at $36, fits all normal toilet rolls, and you can record your own message, which can be changed any number of times.  Available from Bim Bam Banana.

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