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1UP Super Mario USB Mushroom Lamp

If Mario had a desk job, this would definitely be the lamp he would use; the 1UP USB mushroom lamp.

The bright lamp could be powered through AA batteries or USB as you choose and is as easy to use as jumping on mushrooms; press the mushroom once to switch on, press it again to switch off. > Read more

World's Largest Crossword Puzzle: It's Big. Really Big.

Crossword Puzzles in news papers are fun. But, what if you need to keep yourself and others busy not just for hours but days? maybe months or maybe a year? > Read more

The Upside Down Helicopter: A Remote Control Helicopter that you can fly upside down

We geeks love our remote control toys. But, here's a very unique one, which will blow the rotors of your colleagues because, this RC Helicopter can fly upside down; yeah, upside down! > Read more

Back to the Future Remote Control Car: RC DeLorean, what else do you need?

DeLorean. You probably can't get your hands on one these days, at least not one with the looks  Back to the Future model. So, here's a next best idea, get one of these; a RC Back to the Future DeLorean.

It doesn't fly but the 10" long scale-size RC DeLorean has Real spring loaded shocks and independent front and rear suspension for travel to and back from 1955's and 1885's kind of bad roads. Of course, you won't need nuclear power too, because this sucker runs on batteries :) > Read more

Lost in Space Robot: Toy RC Version of the Robot from Lost in Space

Remember, the classic television series - Lost in Space and the B-9 Environmental Control Robot?  Nah? Haven't watched it? (Grab a copy of the DVD from here). Anyways, we  do and  so, it's exciting to  talk about a toy version of the same robot from lost in space that you can own; for real, as long as you can sell your car that is... :) > Read more

Toy Rocket for Geeks with an onboard Camera

At Geek 24, we always believe there are two kind of toys one can play with. One is for kids and the second is for older kids, like us geeks. So, this digital video toy rocket is no different, though at first glance it does look ordinary.

What makes this particular toy rocket different? Well, where normal toy rockets fly and fizzle out, this one records the entire action with impact-resistant digital camera in the nose cone, that can  record a 12-second video at 640 x 480 pixel resolution or take up to three pictures per flight (stores 15 pictures). 
> Read more

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