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Remote Control Moon: Full Moon Anytime


Girls love moon. Though, we don't know exactly what is it that they love about it, they do love to hold hands and romance in the full moon. But, we all know full moon's don't happen every day. So, if your girl friend is feeling romantic and wants to see the full moon on a "no moon" day what do you do?

That's where this Remote Control Moon comes handy.  Just press a button on the remote control to switch on your very own moon inside the room. Don't you love the geeks, who come with such ideas?
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RC Dragon Fly: Radio Controlled Flying Insect

More RC fun. This time it's a radio controlled flying insect - an orange colored RC Dragon fly, yup a dragon fly.

With a remote control, this dragon fly can be made to soar, flutter, dive-bomb and glide for soft landings indoors and outdoors.  And it's crash resistant too, with some carbon fibre technology. > Read more

Palm-Z: The Mini R/C Indoor Plane

Remote Control Planes are a lot of fun and we geeks out here love them a lot (just do a search for Remote Control Planes on Geek24). So, then when we heard about this mini RC indoor plane, we had to share it with you, because you can see it's so damn cool and small. > Read more

Transformers Monopoly: Old Game Transformed

So, you have seen Transformers the movie and have picked up a few of the Transformers T-shirts, now what? Play some good old Monopoly, in Transformers style, of course.

Called the Transformers Monopoly, this special Monopoly edition by USApoly  allows you to control the Transformers Universe with pewter tokens like Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Jazz, and Starscream, instead of boots and cars. To add to the twist there are also some special Monopoly Doubles rules to battle for properties, collect extra money, draw Autobot or Decepticon cards, and take away Energon Cubes. > Read more

The World's Smallest Remote Control Helicopter: For RC Toy Freaks

We geeks out here love RC toys so when we got tipped about this RC helicopter, we just couldn't resist sharing it with you.  Not only because it is uses some pretty cool technology but also because it's perhaps the world's smallest remote controlled helicopter you can buy, weight just 1 oz. > Read more

Geek Teddy Bear: Gift Ideas for Geek Girls

You know before we starting geeking, we didn't know how many geek girls were out there. Now, almost every week, we get a few queries asking for gift ideas and suggestions for geek girls. Yah, we know it's a little tough, because you might be alternating between teddy bears and USB powered gadgets. We had featured a few ideas and products earlier like the theory of relativity gold heart necklace and a collection of tech jewelry for geek girls but it seems you guys need more.
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