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Mario USB Mouse

Super Mario USB Mouse 

Here's more Mario Bros gear. The Super Mario Bros USB Mouse from ThinkGeek in pixelised retro 8-bit look.

There is a choice of a Mario or a Star and the mouse is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. So there,  if you want click Mario  grab it for US$24.99.

The Karakuri Japanese Tea Serving Mechanical Robot

Japanese Tea RobotWe love all our geek toys but, this got our attention, the moment we saw it.

It's a Japanese, Karakuri Mechanical Doll of the Flourishing Edo period or more precisely a  mechanical doll restored based on the book written in the Edo period (for those who don't know the Japanese Edo period was from the years 1603 to 1867). The doll carries tea to a customer and lowers the tea onto the a teacup. No batteries, purely mechanical.

No wonder then Japanese invented the Walkman and all the coolest gadgets. This one is for sale in Japan for 5900 Yen. 

Remote Control Pirate Ship

Want to play pirate? Here's an interesting toy to gift yourself this year - the remote controlled pirate ship. Resembling a 18th century merchant ship, this RC ship has sails that hoist, 12 cannons, retractable plank and a traditional Calico Jack Rackam's Jolly Roger flag to complete the look.

The remote works up to 500' away and the rechargable battery included  can keep the ship running for up to 6 hours on a full charge. Really a cool RC toy to have. For US$329.95 from here

Inflatable R/C Robot

Inflatable RC Robot


Presenting the Inflatable R/C robot; a robot you can hide when you don't want some people to know you are playing with robots.

Okay, that sounded like a promotional gig, but seriously it's an interesting concept. If only we could have inflatable computers and laptops! :)

Let us know where you can get hands on one of these. Thanks for the tip, Aisha

Super Mario Keychains

Super Mario Keychains
We used to spend hours playing Super Mario Bros on Nintendo consoles for hours at a stretch and maybe if you were like us you did it, finding hidden 1Up mushrooms, avoiding the devilish owls and jumping over flying ducks.  Now, here's a way to carry some of those characters with you, on your keychain.

Imported straight from Japan, these squishy Super Mario keychains feature  characters from the Super Mario brothers gang, which include the 1Up mushroom and the Owl. 

It's a great and cheap gift (at US$ 3.99 a piece from here) for a geek friend or yourself. Too bad that you  can't choose a specific one while buying; you get a random one from the set of 6.

Cool Remote Control Spy Video Car with Night Vision Headset

spy video remote control 

Want to spy on your flat mates or your office collegues in the dark and a fixed spy camera won't do the job? Relax, try the new Spy Video car then that transmits secret infrared night vision right to your headset.

Use the radio control to send the secret spy car where you want it to go, and its built-in camera will transmit black & white video back to the headset LCD monitor that only you can see, up to 75 feet away, even in pitch dark! The  screen appears as big as a 20" television at 5 feet away with 4:3 aspect ratio display screen in front of your eyes.  > Read more

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