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Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set

Christmas isn't far away so here's one crazy gift idea from us;  A  Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set from Think Geek.

Why? Come'on who can avoid the pleasure of growing some of the most dangerous 'bug eating' carnivorous plants like Venus Fly Trap, Yellow Trumpet, Pale Trumpet, Hooded Pitcher Plant and Cobra Lilllies in your own growing dome? Of course, we don't want to talk about our sinister plans of gifting a few of these to our editor! (editor's note: that's coming out of your paycheck boys).

You can keep one for yourself next to all tech goodies or gift it for someone who keeps busting bugs, like  someone you know in a testing team. If you are interested, the kit includes a  growing dome,  planting mixture, swamp rocks and an instruction manual and it's available for US$ 22.99 from Think Geek

Incredible Machines: Simple Home Made Machines with Crazy Techniques

If you have seen Back to the Future, you would have certainly not missed the breakfast making machine. Called "Rube Goldberg machines", these machines are complex devices that perform simple tasks like making a breakfast in very indirect and convoluted ways.

But, this  video of these incredible machines > Read more

2 1/2 Foot Remote Control Ferrari: A Ferrari that is Cheap enough to Own

remote control ferrariA Ferrari is not the cheapest of the cars you can buy today. But, what if we tell you there is a way you can drive one for a fraction of the price?  Yah, it's a toy Ferrari but not the regular kind that you see in supermarkets, this one is a 2 1/2' long 1:6 scale version of 2006 Ferrari Spyder with authentic Ferrari engine and gear shifting sound.

Available in classic red color, the Ferrari  scale remote control car is controlled with a handheld four-band remote controller that has a range of 100 foot.  The headlights turn on automatically when the car is activated with  authentic engine and gear-shifting sounds playback from the full-size automobile version of the Spyder. The car can run for 20 minutes on a single charge and it's available for USD 79.95 from here .

Carrybike: A folding bicycle that becomes a cart, which you can carry anywhere

CarryBike: Folding bicycle

Here's a bicycle you can carry anywhere and even be good for a quick getaway if you need one. But, perhaps what makes the 'CarryBike 'more interesting than other foldable bicycles out there is that you can use the CarryBike like a cart to carry your briefcase or luggage on it. So, you save the hassle of carrying a separate luggage with your folded bike.

  > Read more

Singing Magnets: Wonders of Science

Here's an unique toy to play with or gift to a science lover.

Called the  "Singing Magnets", this pair of two magnets when tossed into air come together  and make a singing sound as they vibrate off each other; no battery required! The higher you toss them the longer you hear the sound. Just be sure to not drop them.

Available for US$ 7.95 from here

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