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Remote Control Snake: You gotta be scared of this fake snake

remote control snake can be controlled by remote to freak people out with real snake like action and movementSo, how much do you want to freak someone out? If your answer is like 'really really bad' then you can't get something better that the 'Remote Control Snake' to do just that.

Make no mistake, this green remote control snake is pretty realistic and even hisses and slithers with real-life movement. With the remote, you can control the snake's direction, foward, reverse and move the snake left or right. The body of the snake is segmented for providing slithering action on smoorth surfaces both indoors and outdoors.   > Read more

Star Trek Enterprise Desk Toy

star trek enterprise toy model from think geek
Ooh. We are quite excited about this Star Trek Enterprise-E scale model; even though we already have one on our desk.  That's partially because this one is made to same accuracy that you have seen in the movies to the very last escape pod hatch and the rest because of the authentic star trek sound effects.

Just push the bridge and you get to hear sound effects with the voice of Patrick Stewart and  the light-up engines, bridge, and deflector dish all authentic to the last voice.

About 18" in length the Star Trek Enterprise model has a stand height of 5.5" and comes with 2 batteries for US$ 34.99 from here . Too bad this doesn't fly.

Speed Counting Smart Baseball

smart speed counting baseball
Don't have a speed radar to measure the speed of your baseball pitches? How about a smart baseball that can can measure the speed of your pitch then?

This speed counting baseball  uses a built-in motion sensor, which detects when the ball is pitched and when it lands on the catcher's glove and then instantly calculates & displays the speed of the throw on the LCD display. The baseball can measure the speed between 30 mph and 120 mph only, so if you are any faster u might need a speed radar. Available for US$24.95 from here.

Voice Activated R2 D2 from Star Wars Movie: Now, you can buy one!

R2-D2 toy from star warsRemember R2 D2, the robot from Star Wars?  Here's your chance to own one of your own now. A motorized replica of the little droid, this R2 D2 is voice activated and can respond to over 40 voice commands, navigate rooms & hallways and even play a game of tag.

The R2 D2 has a built-in infrared sensor that can detect people in a room,  and it can follow you around (just like the real one!), work like a security guard or do something else when it detects motion.

A complete reproduction of the original  from the movie, the R2-D2 comes with swivelling dome top, R2 lights and  the blips and blop sound effects, including the famous happy and sad sounds.
The R2 can also replay sounds and dialogs from Star Wars movies, answer yes-or-no questions, and dance while playing the famed cantina music.  Yah, ain't that cool? The R2 is about 15-inches in height and is available for US$ 119.95 from here

XB-39 Eagleye Digital Camera Radio Control Jet Airplane

remote airplane that can take spy pictures from air using a digital camera
The XB-39 Eagle Eye is your personal remote control  for covert spy flights. Featuring twin engines, you can reach heights of 100 feet and snap up to 26 digital pictures of the scene below in clear 640x480 resolutions.

The remote controlled Eageleye plane uses a technique called 'Thrust vectoring' so you will be able to climb, dive, and turn just by changing the speed of the engines controlled by the 2-stick transmitter. The pictures can be taken by a single button push on the remote control, which can be downloaded to a computer later. 

The XB-39 looks pretty cool and can be great for doing secret reconnaissance missions. Available for US$ 189.18  from Buy

Remote Control Flying Superman Toy: It's a plane, it's a bird. No, it's Superman

remote control superman toy figure - authorized merchandiseIt seems we have been talking about too many remote control toys this season. But,  hey aren't these things cool? The Superman RC toy is one such thing to have; especially because unlike normal Superman figures this one actually flies just like the real one, and you get to control this Superman with a multi-directional remote controller.

The flying Superman remote control figure works pretty much like a normal RC plane so u will need to just launch it into the air. But, we must warn you that this remote control Superman toy just like any other remote control plane isn't easy to fly with and it might take some time for you to make sure you can get him to fly right with out crashing. But, hey who said being Superman was easy? Available from here for US $ 69.98. 

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