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Limited Edition Star Wars AT-AT Model - Studio scale

at-at model from star wars - empire strikes back movie"It was a dark time for the Rebellion. Imperial troops had pursued the Rebel forces across the far reaches of the galaxy to the remote ice world of Hoth. Leading the attack was one of the Empire's most devastating assault weapons - the fearsome All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT)". Who can forget the AT-ATs  from the "Emprire Strikes back" Star Wars movie, as they thundered towards the Echo base.

Now, here's a chance to own your original studio size model of the AT-ATs. Recreated from the study of surviving miniatures in the Lucasfilm archives and AT-AT studio scale model reproduces the details of the original filming miniatures and includes a snowscape diorama, complete with Luke Skywalker's crashed Snowspeeder.
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Clear Robosapien: Robosapien robot with see-through body shell

clear robosapien
The Robosapien toy robot now comes in a new "clear" shell body, so you can see how it works.
If you haven't seen or heard about Robosapien before, it's a toy robot, which can do 84 different actions, which includes walking, dancing and even martial art stunts. The Robosapien is highly flexible and can grip things, while talking like a caveman ;-) The clear bodied Robosapien is available  for  $89.05 from

Remote Control Tarantula Spider

The 'remote control' tarantula is one freaky toy, which you can use to scare you friends with  The remote control tarantula spider looks pretty real (though we think it's a wee bit big) and moves each of it's 8 legs independently and can do creep forward, left or right actions with the remote control. > Read more

Marshmallow Blaster: Shoot that geek ... with marshmallows

marshamllow gun shooter... blaster
The Marshmallow Blaster is just what you need for heavy sugar spewing warfare  across cubicles and dangerous office zones :)

The Marshmallow Blaster can fire one regular marshmallow at a time and hit targets (read - geeks) up to 40 feets away and can also accept mini marshmallows as ammunition for a scatter fire. Surely, this can be hours of fun in the office. Available from ThinkGeek for US$ 29.99.  

What we think? Yes, we love it, but we love our marshmallows more, so we are in double minds about whether shooting or eating them is a better a revenge. 

Spot "Micro Mouse": Radio Controlled Mouse

radio controlled micro mouse
Err.. It's a different kind of mouse; the kind your cat would love. The Micro Mouse from Spot is R/C car with a mouse body, which you control with a remote control. Neat! But,  we doubt it would last too long if your cat is the violent kind. It's available from Amazon for US$ 11.69.

IZ: One very strange looking musical toy

IZ musical toyIZ from Zizzle is one of the strangest looking music making toys out there. Though it looks like a toy, it's actually a musical instrument that can create new musical rythms and tracks. Press the belly of the toy to change the beat, or twist his 'ears' for a new loop music and IZ will play along with his moving eyes and trumpeting horn.
The IZ also connects to an iPod, CD player or any other music player that uses a standard headset cable, so you can listen to the your musical creations or record it. Yes, it's a strange looking thing; but it's a good gift idea.

Buying Information: Available for US$ 29.99 from  here

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