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Fly & own an Air Force One: It's cheap

Air Force One Remote Controlled airplane
Who said you need a billion bucks for a plane like Air Force One? You can get it at less than 200 bucks. Okay, not the real one but a real big remote-controlled model of the "Air Force One" measuring 39.5"x43"x9.5".

From Estes, this remote controlled Air Force One jetplane has a wingspan of four feet and is powered by four ducted fan jet engines. Trips can be as long as 1000 feet and the rechargable flight battery will do five minutes of flights without a recharge. It's available for USD 149.99 from here
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USB Desktop Aquarium

An aquarium is a nice thing to have; especially if you don't need to ever feed the fish or clean the water. The USB Aquarium one of the geekiest toys you can keep on your desk this year. Click on the play button on the video if you don't believe :)

The USB Mini Desktop Aquarium is the home to two life-like tropical fish. Powered with your USB connection, a small motor generates a current in the water, allowing the fish to gently swim about the tank. The aquarium is equipped with a high-intensity blue LED that illuminates the tank in dark environment. Both motor and LED can be independently switched off. All you will need to do is to add water and plug it in to enjoy this nice USB aquarium for hours.  Available from Thinkgeek Electronicsfor US $19.99.

Touch Screen Handheld Soduku

If you like playing Soduku, then the Touch screen hand-held Soduku should definitely be in your  pocket.

Available from Think Geek for US $19.99, the hand-held Soduku machine features a whooping 835 puzzles, 4 levels of difficulties, a game timer, auto-save and auto-off and a stylus to select the squares and numbers. Works with 2 AAA batteries and is available @ Think Geek

Amazing R/C Helicopter Flying

So, after we covered the Remote Control Airplane we got a few requests to locate one with a R/C Helicopter. Not as classy, but  ooh baby  try this on a real helicopter.

Amazing R/C Airplane flying - What a pilot!

Just Amazing! Some skill..

Zero Gravity Wall Climber: Remote Control Humvee

At first look, this Humvee looks like a regular remote control toy. But, drive it towards the wall and it starts climbing towards the ceiling as if gravity doesn't exist; sticking onto the wall like Spiderman. No wonder, then that it is called Zero Gravity.

To accomplish this seemingly impossible task,  Zero Gravity features an advanced Air Venturi suction system that works a bit like a vacuum cleaner. As the vehicle reaches a 45° incline, special fans automatically engage to create massive down-force that keeps Zero Gravity glued to the wall. Flexible skirts around the bottom of the chassis ensure the vacuum remains sealed. And once Zero Gravity is vertical it can be driven in any direction, and even exit the wall backwards. > Read more

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