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10 Geeky T-Shirts Every Geek Must Have and Wear

We geeks love T-shirts. Let's admit that, after all nothing gives more pleasure than seeing people bow at our geek factor! So, here's a list of 10 of our favorites, which we think every geek should wear and have  in their wardrobe.

1. Let's start with the plain old simple 'geek' shirt. Nothing fancy, just announces your geek status to the whole world.

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Programmable Scrolling LED Sign Geek Hat

"This programmable scrolling sign hat is like having a piece of the future on your head. Be one of the first people to sport this new LED hat. You can put up to 118 characters on it. Write whatever you want and let it scroll across the screen! Your name, your number, your favorite team. The message is up to you!" > Read more

Geek Maternity Shirt: For Pregnant Geek Women


This geeky maternity shirt had us chuckling for quite some time. But, hey it's cool.

You never know, maybe this shirt will inspire the "one" to be a geek.

If you want one it's for US$ 17.99 from ThinkGeek

Geek Temporary Tattoos

Here are some interesting temporary geek tattoos you can sport for your next geek party.


We especially like the one with the  heart & Home is where your heart is, which is always at Profound! :) Grab it from here for US$ 9.99 a piece.

Microsoft Laptop Bags: Safely Carry your Bluescreened Laptops

Okay, the title is just a joke. But the the fact is that Mcrosoft does not only make software, but also make laptop bags to go with your laptops, which unlike the Microsoft software (read Windows),  don't seem to crash (read tear and wear) much, if the reviews are believed..  

The bags are quite fully featured, with padded sleeves, MP3 player compartments and spaces to keep media, and water bottles. And to top it all, they aren't very expensive either; most ranging around US $50. There is a range at Amazon, you can buy from. The one in the picture is for about $34.99. > Read more

Transformers T Shirt: Oridinary Looking T-Shirts that Transform

We hope all you geeks have seen Transformers, the movie by now. Isn't it awesome? If you haven't  yet got around to seeing it, we highly recommend it. Maybe we will add it to our Top Geek movies list too, sometime.
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