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Portable Outdoor Laptop Chair

Now, here's a good accessory to carry around if you need an instant laptop desk.

Appropriately called the portable outdoor laptop chair, it is a fully adjustable, collapsible and folding chair, which  can be carried around in a shoulder bag  but can be instantly unfolded to provide ample workspace on the go.

The chair features a laptop tray, side pockets and a patented system that allows the chair to be adjusted vertically or horizontally to  help you find the most comfortable position.  Sweet! Costs US$ 39.95 and is available from here

Emergency Cufflinks: Cufflinks you can carry in your wallet

emergency cufflinks in a credit card sized sheet image

If you are a developer, programmer or some one who spends more time behind the desk but has occasional bursts of "human interaction" where you need to dress right, the emergency cufflinks can save your day.

Pretty easy to use and carry, the emergency cufflinks, which cost about UKP 7.99  are embedded in the  thickness of a typical credit card so  they can be carried in wallet. To use, just twist them out of the sheet and fold to lock the cuffs in place. Keep the spare pair for next time.  > Read more

Costumes for the iPod: What?

ipod clown costumecowboy hat wearing ipodipod mini wearing a boxer shortipod for a beauty contest

When we heard about these iPod costumes, we couldn't help saying "What?". But, then we couldn't resist talking about it either so here it is.
Made by iAttire these costumes can dress up your iPod - Mini, Video, Nano and the Shuffle with hats, caps, and even boxers, briefs and other lingerie in a variety of colors and patterns. You can even make the iPod look like clowns or ghosts with some costumes and  accessories. It's strange, but If you want to take your iPod for a dress up party or know some one who has a fetish for such stuff then you know where to get them from now.

Solar Powered Cooling Pith Helmet: Keeps your head cool on those safari and beach trips

We have to be a bit skeptical  about this but nevertheless we have to say it's a cool idea, because it beats an 'average' safari pith helmet 100 times to one.  With four small & compact solar panels on the top of the hat that powers a small fan to keep you cool at a beach, safari or any other outdoor place, this hat is definitely going to get some attention, while keeping you cool.

The hat also has battery backup for cloudy days and evening with two AA batteries and can be switched between solar and battery with a flip of a switch. It's available for US$ 49.95 from here > Read more

iPod Controlling Electronics Backpack: One hell of a skin for the iPod

ipod compatible backpack that can control ipod from the backpack from hammacherSo, you got an iPod, a PDA and all other techie gadgets you can think of,  maybe even the iPod compatible Jeans, Shirt and Tie then why shouldn't your backpack be iPod compatible? Oh yah, all of the backpack's can carry an iPod but not in this style.

It might look like a regular backpack at the first look, but inside there is a safe pocket to carry your iPod which plugs into a jack on the backpack, and a universal jack located on the left back strap accommodates your headphones, allowing complete control of your music player through the five-button control panel on the left strap. The panel controls volume, pause, menu selection, and stop functions, so you will never need to take out the iPod from the backpack and can carry it safely around - Didn't we say it was hell of a skin for the iPod :)   
> Read more

"Apple" charm for your bracelet

apple italian charm jewelry
This Italian charm makes a great addition to a bracelet and could be a good gift accessory for your girl's Macbook. Not sure if this Apple authorized merchandise though, but it's available for US $3.99 from here
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