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Human LCD - Video

Okay, this isn't exactly tech. But, it's amazing to watch humans work like an LCD. Play the video to see what we mean.


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Microsoft ZunePhone: Of course, it's fake

Every once in a while we hit someone who is amused by Microsoft's creative spirit and makes a hilarious video to portray just that. Here's one like that about the ZunePhone.

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Big RC Planes in Action: 7 Superb Videos of Big Scale Size Remote Controlled Planes

Our last video of a big remote controlled Concorde plane have got us quite a few emails from fellow geekers asking for more. And why not? these big RC planes are so "huge" and downright realistic looking and expensive, which only lets most geeks like us drool about them. Just for the record, most of these planes cost upwards of 5000$, which doesn't include the training needed to fly these planes

Big Model Airplanes: Video of Big Remote Controlled Concorde

Remote Controlled Airplanes are fun. But, if they are as big as they are on this video, be prepared to have a few security guards when you fly them, lest someone steals these. Enjoy the video. Thanks John for sending this in.

Apple's first 1984 Video Commercial

YouTube is a great place to find some real nuggets and this time we discovered the very first commercial that introduced Apple to the world in 1984. It's nothing like the new ads, but a classic nevertheless.

Lego Star Wars

You have seen the real Star Wars, now see Star Wars in Lego style. Quite well done with stop motion animation & LEGO.
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