Spud: A potato powered Web server

Every once in a while we hit something so geeky that it blows our heads, this time Spud blew our potatoes. Because, Spud is the name for the world's lowest power consuming web server that runs on raw potato power. That's right Spud uses potatoes for power, about 5-6 of them and serving around 0.2 hits/sec, which means it will not survive any kind of digg effect unless it uses toothpicks ;)
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Meet ElmoSapien: The child which Elmo and RoboSapien had

What do you get when you cross an elmo with a RoboSapien robot? An ElmoSapien! That's the only thing you can say to describe this hilarious piece of robot hack. Play the video, you will know what we mean.
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How to: Make Cheap Infrared Googles at Home

Here's an interesting video sent in my Matt, which explains how you can hack your standard goggles to work in infrared for under US$ 10. Pretty interesting.

Extend WiFi range with homemade Tin Can Antenna Mod

"Got no dough for a commercial WiFi antenna? Looking for an inexpensive way to increase the range of your wireless network? A tin can waveguide antenna, or Cantenna, may be just the ticket. This design can be built for under $5 U.S. and reuses a food, juice, or other tin can.", says Gregory Rehm who hacked up this Wifi range extender.
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How to: Build a Simple & Cheap AM Radio

Simple Home Made Radio
Building a radio generally isn't a difficult thing,  if you have the right set of components and a PCB board. But, this particular how to beats all other known Radio making tutorials. Because, this "how to" details perhaps the world's simplest home made radio, which can be built with just a few  wires, a razor, a safety pin and an ear piece. Forget what you learnt in electroic manuals, you don't need a PCB, crystals, ICs or even resistors for this home made radio hack.


No, we aren't kidding, read the instructions here.

Keychain from Dead Hard Drive Parts

Here's another idea for putting that dead hard drive to some good use - make a keychain from the parts. Thanks Teaho!

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