How to: Test for Dead Pixels on a LCD Monitor

Dead Pixels can be a real show stopper, especially if you bought a new LCD monitor or a laptop.  But, the biggest problem sometimes is finding out how many there are out there and if they are enough to substantiate a return.

The Dead pixels test website by Gullaume Dargaud makes the job of testing dead pixels real easy; there is nothing to install. Just click on the links on the site and switch the browser window to full screen. Now, that's what we call a good hack.

Oh BTW, we have had some success by massaging the screen to get some of our dead pixels to come alive.  

How to: Make your own Silent Mouse

hacking the mouse
Fed up with the click click sound of your mouse or you have room-mates who hate the sound of the mouse clicks late in the night?

Here is a site that tells you how to silence the mouse - forever! It's a clever hack but it does require a bit electronic surgery on your mouse.

Of course, if you don't want to do the effort, you can look at buying the Thanko Silent Mouse, featured on Geek 24 earlier.

Watermelon bomb with liquid nitrogen

Only a geek can use liquid nitrogen to explode a water melon. Amazing video. Click on that play button.

What to do with all the spare & junk CDs


If you have lot's of spare CDs (2040 of them) and "time" then this is what you should do; make a zonohedron.  Sheer genius. BTW it's made by high school students!

The Hard Drive Grinder: Sand & Grind with your Spare Hard Disk

What do you do when you need something to get sanded or grinded and have no spare tools? Use your old working hard disk drive of course. Hack open the hard drive, slap on some sanding paper and get on with it. Oooh, the power of the Hard Disk Drive Grinder. Amazing.


Want a Cool & Quiet PC? Try Drowning your PC in Cooking Oil!

PC submerged in OilThis is one of the best DIY hacks in some time, and perhaps the strangest way to keep a PC running cool and quiet. Contrary to what every one thinks, this hack doesn't need you to install a large number of fans or a liquid cooling unit. 
All you need is a custom sealed PC case filled with cooking oil (about 8 gallons) and a lot of siliicon glue and patience. Yes, your PC will look like an oil filled aquarium at the end of the day and we doubt if you can re-use the oil for cooking, but you won't need any fans and your PC should be silent as a dumpling ;)
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