Coming Soon: Laptops with Flash Drives - Samsung shows one at ceBIT 2006

Samsung Flash Laptop Drive
CeBIT is a great place and event to showcase some of the upcoming technologies, and Samsung's flash laptop disk drive is one such innovation, which was showcased in a  Samsung laptop, which is fitted with  a 32 GB Flash drive instead of a hard-disk drive and packed into the same size as a convential laptop.


Samsung's Laptop Flash drive  gives three distinct advantages of speed (bootup and access time usually takes half the time), a lower risk of failure in case of an accident like a drop and the ability to work cooler and silent (no more irrating clicks, or hard-disk whirring sounds). Having said that, it will be still some time before you might actually see one of these in wide-use, because of the high  prices of $30 per GB (at that rate a 32 GB drive would cost $960) currently. But, with the prices of flash memory falling fast, that time could be early.
[Via PC World


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