Lapinator: Insulated Laptop Desk keeps your laptop cool and protects your thighs from getting burned

Lapinator - laptop cooler
We have said it before, keeping the laptop on your laptop is never a good idea, but if you must then the Lapinator can protect your thighs and places that shouldn't get from getting burned, while keeping your laptop cool. > Read more

Don't keep the laptop on your lap: Here's one more reason why

We are sure you would have heard of a notebook exploding by now. Here's a a video sent to us by a fellow geek, which shows how a hot a Toshiba laptop got after running for a few hours. The laptop goes hot as 102-degrees!!!!

The message is loud and clear. Don't keep your 'laptop' on the laptop; and if you must use a cooling pad or maybe a heavy jeans and enough padding at the right places;)  

The Ultimate Spill Proof Laptop

Who needs a keyboard skin, when you can get one of these? Also, check out Anti-Gravity Laptop that flies when you drop it.

MacBook Pro in Color: Black, Red and 21 other colors

We aren't sure if Apple is going to make the lovely MacBook Pro's in color or in beautiful black like the new MacBook yet, but here's a way to get yours in Jet Black, Ferrari Red or 21 other shades of colors including a 'girlish  Blush' right away. ColorWare PC is now offering  colorization service for your existing MacBook Pro  for a price of  US $449 to give it that new in-color look.

There are 23 shades of colors to choose from, though our favorites are the Jet Black, Ferrari Red, Carbon,  Candy Apple and Mystique but if your favorite is not on the list you can also choose a custom color for an additional charge of US $99. The paint is protected by a Clearcoat that protects it from scratches and ColorWare will optionally color your Mighty Mouse for an additional charge too. Colorware is also selling pre-colored new MacBook Pro's but they are slightly on the expensive side starting at US $2649 for the 15" model. > Read more

Samsung Laptop's without Hard Disks: Shipping Soon

According to Register, Samsung will be shipping the flash storage based laptop, which was announced in ceBIT earlier this year. The modified version of Samsung's Q30 12.1" laptop is expected to be available  by the end of the next month for approximately US$ 3,700.

The Flash disk based laptop is faster to boot taking less than quarter of the time taken by a regular machine and is completely silent. However, we aren't very sure about the usability of a laptop with just 32 MB of memory, considering Windows itself is becoming heavily loaded now. 

The Anti-Gravity Laptop: It flies when you drop it

Forget MagSafe, if you want real laptop protection from accidents, this is the laptop you need. The Anti-gravity laptop, balances itself on a drop and lands safely. Real Nice. Don't ask us where you can find one; maybe the original poster of this video on YouTube has an idea :)


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