Dolby Digital on a Asus Laptop Near you

The  W2J from Asus is a laptop with 5.1 channel Dolby Digtal surround system, which can be delivered through the notebook speakers, headphones or a multi-speaker setup. The W2J Asus laptop is powered by a Intel Centrino 2Ghz Core Duo processor, ATI Radeon X1600 with 256 MB memory, a 17" display and features built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, 120 GB hard disk, and DVD-+R/RW drive. A Analog and a Digital TV tuner are also available as add-on options. Pricing is not yet available.

Anti-theft alarm for Laptops - FilSafer PC Card

Filsafer PC Card
Filsafer PC Card from Kokyo does what an anti-theft alarm does for cars - make a loud 110db alarm if it's moved from it's location. The FilSafer PC Card works with Windows only for the time being and though pricing or availability information is still not available, there is a press a release Kokyo (in Japanese), which you could read for technical specifications.

Coming Soon: Laptops with Flash Drives - Samsung shows one at ceBIT 2006

Samsung Flash Laptop Drive
CeBIT is a great place and event to showcase some of the upcoming technologies, and Samsung's flash laptop disk drive is one such innovation, which was showcased in a  Samsung laptop, which is fitted with  a 32 GB Flash drive instead of a hard-disk drive and packed into the same size as a convential laptop.


Samsung's Laptop Flash drive  gives three distinct advantages of speed (bootup and access time usually takes half the time), a lower risk of failure in case of an accident like a drop and the ability to work cooler and silent (no more irrating clicks, or hard-disk whirring sounds). Having said that, it will be still some time before you might actually see one of these in wide-use, because of the high  prices of $30 per GB (at that rate a 32 GB drive would cost $960) currently. But, with the prices of flash memory falling fast, that time could be early.
[Via PC World

HP's new long lasting laptop battery can run for 14 hours and beyond

If your HP notebook is in need for 'more' battery power, then the new HP Ultra-Capacity Battery might be your answer. The long lasting HP Ultra-Capacity battery is 12-cell lithium ion unit that can give up to 14 hours of battery life, according to company sources.

The HP 12-Cell Ultra-Capacity battery features a unique integrated power connector and ships with a Smart AC adapter that enables the battery to be charged separately when not connected to a notebook.  The battery is compatible with all new HP business notebooks and should be available by  mid-April 2006 and would be priced at $199. > Read more

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