How To: Make a USB Battery

USB Battery powered by a 9v battery
Want a cheap gadget to extend your battery charge of any USB powered portable device like an iPod  Shuffle or a phone? This hack from Hackaday is as simple as it gets if you want to build yourself a USB battery. All you will need are 4 things  - a 5.1v Zener diode, 100 ohm resistor, 9v battery & connector and a female USB connector.  Needless to say  a little bit of electronic soldering ability or friendship with a geek who can make one for you will also be needed.

Pretty slick idea in our opinion, and you can't beat the simplicity of the project. 

Vanguard Aluminum Computer Case with Wheels: Computer Carrier with a difference

Vanguard computer case
One look at this case and you can see how different it is from the rest of the computer cases and computer carriers around.  If the others look like Madonna and Tom Hanks, this one looks like Rambo & Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The heavy weight case with inside dimensions totalling 17" x 7" x 12" has a padded pouch for a small computer (or some other protected device) and  accomodates pens and cards in a top pocket and few files as well. The  wheels are detachable and the case even has handles on both sides to  suit any kind of handling.
We don't know if you would want to carry it everyday to work, but it's definitely something that stands out.

Lacie 2 Terabyte (2 TB) External Hard Disk Drive: Whoa. That's Big!

2 TB external hard disk drive with three interfaces - firewire 800, 400 and USB 2.0Quite some time back we had talked about the 1 Terabyte external hard disk drive from Lacie. Surely, 1 TB of data storage is quite enough for most of us, even if you leech gazillions of MP3 files or work with the biggest of  video files.

But, here's something even bigger - the 2 Terabyte external hard disk drive from Lacie.  Packed in a 2U tower size, the 7200 rpm hard disk  drive is built on a RAID-0 configuration and has three interfaces Firewire 800, FireWire 400 and  USB 2.0, a 16 MB buffer size and an average seek time of under 10 ms.  A smart fan keeps the temperature regulated and automatically speeds up or slows down to keep the hard disk cool. Of course, the pricing is also equally big   - US$ 1,899.99. Though currently there is a special price of US$ 1,297.74 on this drive from here (You Save US $602.05) 

Soyo Sy-Techaid Tech Aid Debug Card: Diagnoses Motherboard & CPU failures in a jiffy

diagnoses computer problems by displaying BIOS POST codes
If you are into building, maintaining or troubleshooting computer systems, the TechAID PCI card from Soyo can cut down the time for troubleshooting computer problems to seconds and the number of coffees you will drink doing that.

Just plug the card into a standard PCI slot and the LED display will display the POST (Power On Self Test) code, which can be used to identify defective CPUs, motherboard's, memories and other failures. No need to spend hours swapping in and out components to figure out which one is defective. Definitely a must have a tool for network & system administrators, available for US$ 22.95 from Amazon

FlexUSB: The Bending & Rotating USB Adapter

flex usb adapterThe FlexUSB Adapter is a flexible USB adapter that can bend or rotate, which  allows USB devices to plug into an open USB port from any angle. Featuring +/-90 degree horizontal and vertical hinges the FlexUSB adapter can connect the USB devices in pretty much any position, especially in places where there is limited space like airline tray tables or coffee shop tables.

Definitely a must have accessory. Available for US$ 7.99 from here

[email protected] USB Web Camera: Soft-toy & camera in one

stuffed toy webcam
At the first look it looks like a soft-toy - a stuffed doggy (or a golden retriever to be politically correct) :).  But, it doubles as a web-cam (look carefully at the nose!).

Perch the Petcam on your notebook, monitor and you are ready to chat all the while looking at something cute. Good gift idea as well. Pick it up for US$ 23.99 from here. Reminds us a lot of the Furgles Speakers; speakers that look like toys. 

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