High Capacity 64 GB Flash USB Memory Drive from Kangaru

Fed up with the tiny capacity of flash USB memory drives? Then the Kangaru 64GB Flash Drive Max might be what you need. Capable of storing upto 64GB, the Flash Drive Max  is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux and weighs a mere 18 gms!

The Kanguru Flash Drive Max is housed in a high strength alumunium casing and comes complete with KanguruShield security software, which allows Windows users to protect data with a password, and format the drive into public and private partitions. > Read more

Anti-theft alarm for Laptops - FilSafer PC Card

Filsafer PC Card
Filsafer PC Card from Kokyo does what an anti-theft alarm does for cars - make a loud 110db alarm if it's moved from it's location. The FilSafer PC Card works with Windows only for the time being and though pricing or availability information is still not available, there is a press a release Kokyo (in Japanese), which you could read for technical specifications.

Apple Mouse projects a real mouse picture

Heh, this has to be one of the best discoveries out there. It turns out that if you have a Apple Mighty optical mouse, it can project a real mouse hologram on the desk. Try it. Update: We found it does the same on a Apple Wireless mouse as well, though this one looks like a "Mickey Mouse" from some angles.

PS: It seems the  Microsoft optical mouse projects a picture of a devil <just kidding> :)

Discovered by: Dan Bowles > Read more

Plug and Play Speakerphone for Skype - Chatterbox

Chatterbox from VoSKY is a simple plug and play USB speakerphone for Skype. Though, it doesn't require any drivers to be installed but does require Windows XP, and supports echo cancellation and full duplex audio.


The Chatterbox weighs 50 gms,  has an headset jack, Volume, and a Microphone mute button and LED's to show status. Price: $29.95.

[More Information

Self Destructing Flash Drive from Kingston

Kingston DT Elite
Kingston Data Elite (DT Elite) is  an ordinary looking flash drive from the outside, but from the inside it's a toughie, which can't be forced to reveal it's secrets, which makes sure someone who steals or gets yours DT Elite can't get to what is inside; your files, pictures or data. And if some one tries too hard, it self-destructs by locking the entire drive.

Made possible with an hardware AES 128-bit encryption, DT Elite goes one step ahead of the "normal" flash drives by also locking the entire drive if 25 incorrect passwords are entered, effectively blocking "brute force attacks" or any kind of automated trick to get down to the data. But, what impresses us more is that there is virtual nil performance loss from the hardware based encryption/decryption process; offering data transfer rates up to 24 MB/sec for read and 14 MB/sec for write. The DT Elite is available in five models; 256 MB,  512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB and 4 GB with a lifetime warranty.

Top 10 Useless USB Gadgets 2005

This is a video link to the Youtube Video of the Top 10 Useless USB Gadgets.  Well, people do make such gadgets, and geeks still buy them; though we aren't very sure about that USB Webcam Doll...  
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