Paper Cooled Computer

"The theory behind this project was that I could use a system of pipes and fans, to suck freezing cold Pittsburgh winter air from outside my room and blow it into my case. Ideally, the pipes would be made of thick PVC so they would be good insulators and keep the air cold until it reaches the case. Also it would have been nice to have had silicone rubber seals between each section of pipe and around the fans that pump the air."

Right we understand. That's what makes us  "geeks" cool; we make paper cooled computers. The project is here, if you want to make one :)

FlexUSB: The Bending & Rotating USB Adapter

flex usb adapterThe FlexUSB Adapter is a flexible USB adapter that can bend or rotate, which  allows USB devices to plug into an open USB port from any angle. Featuring +/-90 degree horizontal and vertical hinges the FlexUSB adapter can connect the USB devices in pretty much any position, especially in places where there is limited space like airline tray tables or coffee shop tables.

Definitely a must have accessory. Available for US$ 7.99 from here

Acer 19" Wide Screen LCD Display for US $183.95: Now, that's a Deal!

Acer AL1916W - 19 LCD WideScreen - 8ms - 1440 x 900 - 500:1 - Black This is what you would can call  "bang for the buck". For a limited time, you can grab a Acer 19" wide-screen LCD display  for your PC or Mac for  just US $183.95 with free shipping.


The offer is on the Acer AL1916W Wide-screen LCD monitor, which has a contrast ratio of 500:1, viewing angle of 140, native resolution of 1440 x 900 and a response rate of 8ms. The Acer LCD display accepts an RGB input, is both PC and Mac compatible and is covered with a warranty of three years including the backlight. Definitely a great deal. > Read more

[email protected] USB Web Camera: Soft-toy & camera in one

stuffed toy webcam
At the first look it looks like a soft-toy - a stuffed doggy (or a golden retriever to be politically correct) :).  But, it doubles as a web-cam (look carefully at the nose!).

Perch the Petcam on your notebook, monitor and you are ready to chat all the while looking at something cute. Good gift idea as well. Pick it up for US$ 23.99 from here. Reminds us a lot of the Furgles Speakers; speakers that look like toys. 

Virtually Indestructible, Washable, Rollable Keyboard

foldable, weather-proof, washable keyboard
Who said you need to careful not to spill anything on keyboards? Surely, they don't know about this keyboard then. This virtual indestructible, weather-proof and washable keyboard is one amazing product that is even "rollable". So, you can carry it around anywhere, any way you want. We got to get one of these. Available for US 20.03 from Amazon  

"Battery Free" Mini Wireless Optical Mouse

Wireless optical mouse battery free - never needs charging or batteries - magnetically charges using the mouse pad
This mini wireless USB optical mouse never needs batteries. That's right; never. The mousepad included with the mouse magnetically charges the mouse as you use it. Costs US $24.99 and is available from here.
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