Don't keep the laptop on your lap: Here's one more reason why

We are sure you would have heard of a notebook exploding by now. Here's a a video sent to us by a fellow geek, which shows how a hot a Toshiba laptop got after running for a few hours. The laptop goes hot as 102-degrees!!!!

The message is loud and clear. Don't keep your 'laptop' on the laptop; and if you must use a cooling pad or maybe a heavy jeans and enough padding at the right places;)  

Optical Mouse with a Keypad

optical mouse with keypad
The optical mouse keypad from Genovation works as an optical mouse and a keypad.  The mouse features 3 buttons, a scroll wheel and Num lock, Backspace, Arrow keys and numbers on the keypad.

Might be a good idea if you work a lot with spreadsheets and numbers. Available for US $53.99. Buying Information

Infrared Nightvision Webcam

Infrared Nightvision Webcam

This unique webcam from Kinemax can work in total darkness; just like the 'night-shot' featured Sony Camcorders for video. The Kinemax Night vision Web camera features 6 infrared LED's, a built-in microphone and has resolution of 350K at 640x480.

Buying Information: It's available currently for US $24.99 from here.

1 Terabyte (TB) 7200RPM External USB Harddisk Drive: That's Big!

1 TB big hard disk drive with 8MB cacheThe Lacie 1 Terabyte (TB), 7200 rpm external USB 2.0 drive is a massive storage device in a small portable form factor. Featuring a high speed USB 2 interface, and a 8MB cache the hard disk is capable  of transfer speeds of 480 Mbits/sec (60 MB/sec) and a sustained data transfer rate of 34 MB/sec all while a smart fan technology keeps the drive cool and silent.

The 5.25" hard drive is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X,  and weighs about 2.1 kgs, which makes it quite portable and useful for data backup and restore at site kind of applications. It's available for US $683.99 from here.

PowerPad: Ultra Portable Laptop Battery

PowerPad - Ultraportable Slim Battery that gives additional battery power for a complete dayThe PowerPad 120 is an ultra-portable and slim SuperPolymer Lithium Ion battery that can keep your laptop running when you run out of primary battery power.  The PowerPad  is designed to be plugged straight onto the notebook power slot when you run out of the primary battery supply and at 1.9 pounds is not very heavy to carry around either. Here are some additional specifications:

  • Capacity: 15 V, 8 Ah, 120 Wh
  • Ultra-Thin and Compact: 0.375" thin x 8.75" deep x 11.75" wide
  • Lightweight: 1.9 pounds
  • Rugged Design: Titanium case
  • Fuel Gauge: 5 LED
  • Fast Charge: 80% charge in less than 3 hours
  • Cell Energy Density: 470 wh/l, 195 wh/kg

It's available for US $332.99 from here

Floating "Fish & Duck" Optical Liquid Mouse

floating duck and fish mouse
Remember the Floating Pig Liquid Mouse? It seems that's not the only out there. Here are two, which have a duck and a fish;  both of them obviously more normal to see floating around than a 'pig' head. We don't like them too much, but perhaps your kid or a little nephew might. Here is the place you can find them at.

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