SurfDrive: The Surfboard USB Drive

Surfdrive | Surfboard USB DriveThe SurfDrive is a pretty cool looking USB 2.0 flash drive, with an innovative surfboard design and 1 GB of storage capacity.

Compatible with Windows and Mac, the SufDrive features a LED that indicates when the drive is in use and a leash for carrying it around in style.

Sweet.  Just wish there were more in stock for us to pick up one.

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Origami UMPCs - a disaster?

The Inquirer says "MICROSOFT'S Origami Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) is looking like the company's biggest flop since Windows ME. Fortunately for Microsoft, it's not paying for this mistake, you are, if you buy one now."

So, are we surprised? No, after all we did say so; only much before (Read: Microsoft UMPC: All hype nothing new)! The UMPC is a great concept, but unfortunately it's not amazingly better than a conventional PDA neither does it really work like a PC fully; and it fails to be a convergent device as well.  So, if you are planning to buy a UMPC, we really suggest you read the above stories and dig some reviews up before you spend the cash.

Compact 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter

USB wireless adapater from Dlink | Compact and PowerfulD-Link DWL-G122 is a real compact 802.11g/54 Mbps USB 2.0 wireless adapter that can enable your desktop PC or a non-wireless niotebook for wireless access without any tinkering.

The D-Link USB wireless adapter works  at a peak speed of 54 Mbps,  features 64/128-bit WEP/WPA security and provides a wireless signla range of upto 100 meters indoors and 400 meters outdoors. Weighs about 4.4 gms. Available from here for US$22.99. [Seems like a special pricing: Retail price is about $59.99]

4GB "half ounce" Portable External Flash Drive

This sleek 4GB external USB "Monstor" (yah that's what it's called) flash drive from US Modular is a beauty. Weighing about half an ounce, the 4GB USB 2.0 drive has a transfer rate of 3.3-6.5 Mbytes/sec and  a shock resistance rating of 1500Gs.

Orginally priced at US $149, currently there is a special price on this drive  of US $54.95 from Buy. Not sure how long this lasts, so if you want it make sure you order one today. More Details about US Modular 4GB Monstor USB Portable External Flash Drive here

Interactive Computer Display that Projects in Mid-air & uses your finger for a Mouse

Science Fiction? Nope, it's possible and it's real, and you can buy one. The M2-series Heliodisplay's from IO2Technology can project any image, live video or VGA input in mid-air with a 30-inch diagonal (76cm) display size - just like that floating in air!  Cool eh? 

The Heliodisplay's projected image hovers inches (up to 28 inches) above the unit, so it can be easily hidden in furniture or behind something.  But, what makes the M2 Heliodisplay more interesting is the cursor control feature; the M2i series allows a finger placed on this floating image  to act as a mouse - just use your finger to move windows around, click or even drag in mid-air.
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MacBook Pro in Color: Black, Red and 21 other colors

We aren't sure if Apple is going to make the lovely MacBook Pro's in color or in beautiful black like the new MacBook yet, but here's a way to get yours in Jet Black, Ferrari Red or 21 other shades of colors including a 'girlish  Blush' right away. ColorWare PC is now offering  colorization service for your existing MacBook Pro  for a price of  US $449 to give it that new in-color look.

There are 23 shades of colors to choose from, though our favorites are the Jet Black, Ferrari Red, Carbon,  Candy Apple and Mystique but if your favorite is not on the list you can also choose a custom color for an additional charge of US $99. The paint is protected by a Clearcoat that protects it from scratches and ColorWare will optionally color your Mighty Mouse for an additional charge too. Colorware is also selling pre-colored new MacBook Pro's but they are slightly on the expensive side starting at US $2649 for the 15" model. > Read more

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