Flashbag: The inflating USB flash drive

This product is only at the concept stage, so you can't buy it. But, it's a standard USB drive that has a tiny pump in it that inflates when you load it with data.  So if your drive is full of stuff, it blows up like a balloon, but if it's empty it remains flat and rectangular.

Sounds like some concept allright. But, we can't think of anyone who would want something like this. Would you carry a full size mango in your pocket? No, then why would you carry this, aye? > Read more

High Capacity 64 GB Flash USB Memory Drive from Kangaru

Fed up with the tiny capacity of flash USB memory drives? Then the Kangaru 64GB Flash Drive Max might be what you need. Capable of storing upto 64GB, the Flash Drive Max  is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux and weighs a mere 18 gms!

The Kanguru Flash Drive Max is housed in a high strength alumunium casing and comes complete with KanguruShield security software, which allows Windows users to protect data with a password, and format the drive into public and private partitions. > Read more

This is one hell of a Super Computer: 24000 processors and 400 Terabytes of memory

Baker is what they call this big-daddy super computer from Cray, which has approximately 24,000  2.6 GHz quad-core AMD Opteron processors and  is to be comissioned in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Though the system is still in early stages of development, it's expected to have either 187 or 400 TB of memory and one to 11 Petabytes of storage and have a speed of more 1 Petaflops, which is equivalent to quadrillion floating-point operations a second.

That's some heavy numbers, ain't it? We wonder how much it's going to cost... maybe we should pick one too, after we sell our oil-wells i.e. ;)
> Read more

Anti-theft alarm for Laptops - FilSafer PC Card

Filsafer PC Card
Filsafer PC Card from Kokyo does what an anti-theft alarm does for cars - make a loud 110db alarm if it's moved from it's location. The FilSafer PC Card works with Windows only for the time being and though pricing or availability information is still not available, there is a press a release Kokyo (in Japanese), which you could read for technical specifications.

Apple Mouse projects a real mouse picture

Heh, this has to be one of the best discoveries out there. It turns out that if you have a Apple Mighty optical mouse, it can project a real mouse hologram on the desk. Try it. Update: We found it does the same on a Apple Wireless mouse as well, though this one looks like a "Mickey Mouse" from some angles.

PS: It seems the  Microsoft optical mouse projects a picture of a devil <just kidding> :)

Discovered by: Dan Bowles > Read more

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