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How to: Build a Jet Engine


Okay, first of all this is really really dangerous stuff guys. Building a jet engine may sound very macho, but if you are going to follow the instructions make sure you are geared for it.

Okay, that said here is the secret page (just kidding!) with the instructions.   > Read more

How to: Disassemble an iPhone [Video]

We are not entirely sure why you would want to do this to a brand new iPhone. But, nevertheless  here's an interesting video from Youtube for you to learn how to disassemble the iPhone.


[Via PowerBookMedic/YouTube]

How to: Build a Flash for iPhone

The iPhone is a really cool phone but if you miss a flash like many pf us, here's quick "how to"  for making one yourself by Joe

Of course, you can always buy one if you don't want to go DIY. But, we prefer cheap!

How to make a Hidden, Stealth Router

Need to hide your router discretely? How about it putting it inside a innocent looking UPS case, that's stealth enough, isn't it?

After all, who is going to doubt that there is a full functional linux machine router inside the small UPS case. Read the instructable to learn how you can make one of these tiny space saving linux routers. Quite simply, one of the best computer case mods we have seen in recent times. 

How to: Make Cheap Infrared Googles at Home

Here's an interesting video sent in my Matt, which explains how you can hack your standard goggles to work in infrared for under US$ 10. Pretty interesting.

How to: Build a cheap solar powered radio for under US$5

This is a great instructable that teaches how make a cheap solar powered radio for about US$ 5 with minimal effort.

All you will need is  an old radio and a solar powered garden  LED light (that's what the 5 bucks are for!). Read the how to here


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