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How To: Build a Cheap Underwater Camcorder Mod for under US$10

Underwater Video photography with a camcorder is fun but such cameras and the casings for underwater protection are an expensive lot. That is, if you are not building one yourself with this  cheap mod, which will cost you less 10 bucks.

Here's a video that explains how to build it.

How to: Make a USB Powered Apple

First, this is not the 'Apple' we work on but the Apple you eat. That said, this Apple isn't normal either because it vibrates when a person grabs it. In the project makers own words, "Unlike your family, this apple is predictable and may relieve stress. ".

Learn how to make one on your own from here.

How to: Make a Breath Powered USB Charger

Here's an end to all USB gadget charging troubles. Because, with this "how to" you can make a breath powered USB charger that will charge your devices till you stop breathing or go dead, literally! :)

All you need is an old CD-ROM drive, a few rubber bands and a simple to make electronic circuit.  Here are the instructions. > Read more

How to: Make Papercraft Cars

Ferrari Papercraft model
This link sent by in a fellow geeker teaches how to make papercraft cars, which include some like Ferrari 365, Landcruiser, Porsche 911 and even a Jaguar F1.

Just print, cut and stick. It's that easy. Grab the plans from here

How To: Make a USB Battery

USB Battery powered by a 9v battery
Want a cheap gadget to extend your battery charge of any USB powered portable device like an iPod  Shuffle or a phone? This hack from Hackaday is as simple as it gets if you want to build yourself a USB battery. All you will need are 4 things  - a 5.1v Zener diode, 100 ohm resistor, 9v battery & connector and a female USB connector.  Needless to say  a little bit of electronic soldering ability or friendship with a geek who can make one for you will also be needed.

Pretty slick idea in our opinion, and you can't beat the simplicity of the project. 

How to: Make LEGO powered Automatic Book Scanner

When we featured the plotter made with LEGO blocks in July, we thought that was quite amazing. But, then we had geeks with LEGO based knitting machines and all other kind of crazy gadgets made with LEGO blocks that each one of such hacks looked even more crazier and awesome.

But, this one perhaps takes the cake while solving one big problem - making a boring work of scanning books easy, fun and cheap. Created by  Muranushi Tayaki, this automatic book scanner, opens each page of the book and scans the content, making the whole process  automatic. 

Here's a video of the LEGO book scanner in action:
> Read more

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