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Can in a Can Grill: How to make an Emergency Barbecue

emergency paint can barbecue
If you are into camping or that sort of thing, this idea of an emergency barbecue that you can make on your own from 2 empty paint cans will definitely appeal to you. Just as impressive as the  emergency stove from a pepsi can!

How To: Make your own USB Self Destruct Button

USB Self Destruct Button


A little while back we had featured a USB self destruct button  accessory and a few of our readers wrote in to ask how they could get their hands on one.

Though we know that you can buy one from Japan, thanks to Kaizo Aho Ichidai  - the brains behind the equally amusing USB Barbecue hot plate now you can actually build one. The plans are here (in Japanese only though). Too bad that even this self destruct button  doesn't blow up anything, just like the original.

Use your PowerBook/MacBook as a Carpenter's Level

"Make your laptop feel like 'one of the guys/girls'. Make it feel perfectly at home with your other household tools. Now a hammer, saw and a laptop can form a meaningful, friendly bond to last a lifetime.".

That's what Pall Thayer had been thinking when he hit upon this big idea to make the  AMS motion sensor  enabled PowerBook's and MacBook's into a Carpenter's level.  You want to do it too? just download this widget and install.

So, the next time some one asks what's the coolest gadget you got, show them the world's most expensive carpenter's level - your MacBook!

How to: Make CD/DVD cases with old 5 1/4 floppy disks

This "how to" idea came just in the right time as we  were wondering what to do with all the old 5 1/4 disks we had accumulated over 2 decades with everything from C code, dBase III+ databases and even some old DOS versions and  a copy of Windows 1.x. But, without a floppy drive to read  keeping them didn't make any sense. Moreover, most of them would be unreadable or would give us the "Track 0 bad" errors by now.

So, the big idea from Instructables is to use the jackets of these old floppies to make cases for DVDs and CDs. Great! Now all we need to do is to find enough DVDs to fill the 2000+ floppy disk cases we are going to make.

The Singing Keyboard Prank Idea

Here's an idea for a prank on your co-worker or friend; hack their keyboard to sing. 

The concept is to "Take the musical element from a musical greeting card and connect it to the caps lock LED on the user’s keyboard. Each time the victim presses caps lock the music plays (and quite loud too). This is a great sleeping prank…It might be found on the first day, or weeks from implementation. It’s the perfect prank."

Grab the instructions from here.  And if your keyboard is singing right now,  someone read this before you :)

How to: Make a Homemade Matchbox Pinhole Camera

Homemade matchbox pinhole camera picture
 Why buy a disposable camera when you can make cheap pinhole camera yourself? Well, that's what the homemade matchbox pinhole camera project is all about.  All you need is a matchbox, an empty roll of 35mm film, some new 35mm film, some black tape and a bit of foil!


Of course, the pictures taken by this homemade camera aren't exactly what you will be used to with regular cameras;  these pictures have a  certain "Diana"  -  aged effect on them. But, hey don't forget that  it costs pretty much nothing to make.

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