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How to: Make Papercraft models of Super Mario and other Nintendo characters

Nintendo paper models
Feeling a bit creative and got some time to spare? Here's an idea. Make  some really neat paper craft models of Super Mario, Lugi  or Pikachu and other characters from Nintendo games.  Grab the instructions and the drawings from here.


How to: Using the Toyota Prius car as Power Plant for your home


There is no doubt that the Toyota Prius is one of most efficient hybrid cars out there on road. But, when a bunch of geeks decide to use the Prius like a generator to power a house all you can do is just say "Whoa!".


Called the PriusUPS, the project is built on a standard Toyota Prius and  costs about US $2,000 - 4,000 in incremental costs apart from the cost of a Prius, if you don't own one.  On the plus side you will get instant on power just like a UPS, automatic load switching, minimal noise and power as long as there is a gas in the tank.  

How to make a FlashFlash Wristband

Here's a neat idea if you want to carry your USB flash drive at all times with you in style; make a funky looking FlashFlash wristband.  We think it's pretty cool but, if you don't want to make one there's always not-so-cool like this  Imation wristband  that you can grab for some green bucks.

Virtual Flightdeck Project: Home-made 747-400 Flight Simulator

The picture you see is an entirely home made flight simulator deck designed by Matthew Sheil. The Virtual Flightdeck project as it is called the simulator is the end result of years of work started in 1998.  The simulator is 13ft wide x 11ft long and 9ft high and includes every switch and panel in the 747-400 down to the last detail.

Almost reminds us of a Star Trek geek who designed his house to resemble the Starship Enterprise a few years back. Wish we had the money to buy or the time build one of these.

Extreme Overclocking: Overclocking Pentium 4 to 7 Ghz

7 Ghz CPU overclocking

The  Italian geeks at have done what seems almost impossible - overclock a Pentium 4 CPU to double it's rated CPU speed to 7Ghz  or 7104 Mhz to be more precise.  The overclocking technique uses a precisely controlled liquid nitrogen cooling system with a custom container block  and beats pretty much all other overclocking records we know. Head over to for more details.


Ultra TV-B Gone Hack: Switch off TVs from 90ft away

TV B-Gone is a pretty smart device that can swtich off  virtually any television out there with a click of a button and it's great for parties and "pissing" off people when they are watching a game. But this hack to TV B-Gone gadget makes it more powerful.

The Ultra TV B-Gone uses a 9V battery and an array of 20 IR LEDs, which extends the range of the device to 90ft, which means you can switch off television's without even pointing to them any longer unlike the original. It's a smart hack, but you will need an original TV B-Gone  before you start hacking. Grab the instructions from here and if you don't own one, the original TV B-Gone from here

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