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How to: Laptop sleeve from an old sweater

Laptop sleeve made with an old sweater
 Carrying on with our how to build series, here's an interesting thing to do this weekend - make a laptop sleeve out of a an old sweater. All you need is an old Stretchy Sweater, Sewing Machine and a Ribbon.


The Instructions are as follows:
"1. Turn sweater iniside out
2. Line up bottom edges, this will become the top of the laptop sleeve.
3. Line up your laptop on the sweater and make sure the edge of the
sweater is a few inches past the edge of the laptop.
4. Trace around the bottom and sides of the laptop. Continue the
lines up the the edge. Sew about 1/2 inch inside the line, following
all 3 lines." . Read More.

How to: Build a Surfboard

If you love Surfing and building things then building your own surfboard could be quite an experience.

It's not going to be easy, but if you are upto it you can learn everything you want to know about building a surfboard from here.

Paper Cooled Computer

"The theory behind this project was that I could use a system of pipes and fans, to suck freezing cold Pittsburgh winter air from outside my room and blow it into my case. Ideally, the pipes would be made of thick PVC so they would be good insulators and keep the air cold until it reaches the case. Also it would have been nice to have had silicone rubber seals between each section of pipe and around the fans that pump the air."

Right we understand. That's what makes us  "geeks" cool; we make paper cooled computers. The project is here, if you want to make one :)

How to: Knit a Linux scarf

linux scarf - knit your own

Remember our feature on sewing the tux stuffed penguin toy? So, if you made one or you are upto it how about knitting a Linux scarf, complete with the penguin?

If you haven't ever knitted before get someone - your girl friend, ex, mom or a like minded geek girl to do this for you. You would like the comments you receive. Grab the knitting source code.

Superconductivity: Magnetic Levitation experiment with Liquid Nitrogen

"Superconductivity is a phenomenon that can occur in certain materials at low temperatures, characterized by exactly zero electrical resistance and the exclusion of the interior magnetic field (also known as the Meissner effect)"
In plain English that means whenever certain materials are made really cold, magnets can float over it - hovering for a long time, and even create an invisible field that allows you to lift objects as you can see in the video. In this experiment liquid nitrogen is used to cool the material to a very low temperature.

Imagine if roads were made of this stuff. You could strap magnets on cars and get them to fly. Flying cars, or flying people.. shoes - you name it, this at a mass scale can be something. Very coool.

Mr. Beer - Make your own Beer Kit

Mr. Beer Beer Making Kit

If you ever wanted to make your own beer, it can't get simpler that this. The Mr. Beer beer making kit can help you make your own home made premium quality beer with a shatter proof keg microbrewer, Pale Ale beer mix, 8 bottles, caps, labels and brewing guide - all of which are included in the kit.

The kit can brew appox. twenty 12-ounce beers and it's currently available at a special pricing of US$ 34.88 from here

PS: We would love to make our own 'Geek' beer! :) 

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