Cloud and Healthcare: What Can it Do?

A big part of health care services is technology. > Read more

Firefox about Commands List

(Updated: April 2012)

We love Firefox, so when our resident geek compiled this interesting list of "about" commands, we couldn't resist sharing it with you guys.

To use the about commands just type the it into the Firefox address bar.

Just typing "about:" will show general and version information. It's kind of short for about firefox :)

about:mozilla > Read more

Choosing a Cloud Backup Service? Remember

Still backing up to DVD's and external drives? If you are, it's time you looked at something different; a way to save your backups away from your computer - "on the cloud" or what is usually called cloud storage. > Read more

Geek Cakes: For Geeky Wedding or Geeky Birthday

If you are geek, why would you have a regular cake for your wedding or birthday? Right? Okay, if the only reason you don't have one is because you are running out of ideas, here are some cakes we spotted over the web that have geek written all over them, which you can use for inspiration.  Some can be great for a geek wedding, others for a geek birthday or a geek groom's cake. 
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Free Satellite TV on PC

Here's something interesting that popped in our inbox - few links for  watching Free Satellite TV on your PC, live on the Internet without downloading any software. Of course, it doesn't make any sense not to share that with you geeks. Does it?


Has about 2300+ satellite tv channels. All are free to watch. Even has some webcam streams. Has Satellite TV channels by Country so if you are looking for an obscure channel in India or Turkey you will find it here.
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379009: That's 'Google' in Calculator Language

Next time you don't have a MacBook or your binary LED watch around to show your 'eleet' factor, pick up a calculator and make some calculator words using some calculator spelling or beghilos as it is called. What's that? It's a technique of spelling words by reading characters upside-down from calculators. > Read more

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