15 Websites that changed the World

Ever wondered which sites have changed the way you worked or thought about the Internet? The Observer has a compiled a list of the top 15 such sites. Here's the quick list:
















What do you think? Did yours make the list?

The Free Google Web Proxy

This trick is slightly old but pretty cool nevertheless. If you are stuck with an access-control system, which forbids a certain site from being accessed then you can use the Google's translation service like a Web proxy to get to the the site.  Just use the following syntax:|en&

Replace the with the site that you are trying to access.  In this case, Google will access the pages like a web proxy and translate it back to the same language (english to english here). If you are accessing a site in a different language change the langpair to the appropriate tags. 

Do remember that this technique is not guaranteed to  work everywhere or with every kind of firewall or access-control system out there, nor will it hide your IP address. But do let us know how the Google proxy idea worked for you.  > Read more

Web2DNA: Cool DNA art made from your Website content

Right, it's not exactly meant for fingerprinting or analyzing content but this WEB2DNA is a project to represent your Website  like the human DNA, as an art form.

Semantically rich sites with tags like H1, TABLE etc will look brighter, whereas stylesheet driven sites may not be so appealing. But, we must agree it does look cool. See the Geek 24 Website DNA and change the URL to see yours.

How to run Pandora Internet Radio in the Taskbar

We love the Pandora Internet Radio.  If you haven't heard of Pandora before  it's a "free" Internet radio station that plays music based on the kind of music you already like listening to, with a technology that matches music genes, sort of like DNA fingerprinting. In  all the while we have used Pandora it has kept us entertained well with music that we love listening to with just one small problem - the browser window that  remains on the desktop glaring at us.

But  finally we have found the answer to that problem as well -  an  interesting Task tray application hack for Pandora by Daniel Mackey that keeps Pandora running as a taskbar icon instead of a browser window. Highly recommended if you use or plan to listen to Pandora. It can be downloaded from here - not owned by Microsoft?

Okay, this comes as a big surprise to us. While trying to locate the Superhero song from Microsoft, we typed in "" and reached a site with no connection to Microsoft what-so-ever; a company called eTechSupport. The domain Whois records point to:

Registrant Name:Piyush Somani
Registrant Street1:303, Rohan Heights, Model Colony
Registrant City:Nashik
Registrant State/Province:Maharashtra

Did Microsoft forget to renew this domain too, like Or is a victim of a hijacked/cybersquatted domain?

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet: Firefox Commands on your fingertips

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

Just, how much do you know the 'Mozilla Firefox' browser? Did you know that you could decrease the text size by just pressing  Ctrl + Scroll Down key or open a link in the background using Ctrl + Left Click or Middle Click? > Read more

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