US Government Search with Google

In what could be a very twisty way of giving information to the government, Google has launched the U.S. Government Search; a site for finding public U.S. Government information like forms and personalization features to customize news from White House and the Govement. 

The U.S. Government  already has a similar site, which provides access to government documents. FirstGov however is more 'portalized' where Google is more search oriented.

How to: UFO sightings with Google Maps & Earth

What do you do after you watch an exhilarating  documentary on National Geographic about UFOs and aliens? Look for them on the Net of course. Our fellow geek Derek, sent us the following links and pictures to help you guys in your mission to discover aliens and UFOs with Google Maps and Google Earth. Of course, whether any one of them are UFOs are obviously debatable, but it's fun nevertheless and some of them can you give you a good chuckle - we hope :)

Here's a list of co-ordiantes for Google Maps (Via Google Sightseeing). Click on the Images to open the maps.

Could be a UFO or just a shining, silver weather baloon?

Another one in Rome:

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Learning ABCD with Google

What would our kids learn if they were using Google to learn ABCD? That's what we wanted to know too... and  here's  what we learnt with  Google and Google Suggest. A is for Apple allright :) > Read more

Hawking Broadband Booster

broadband booster - improves speed of your internet network - network speed boosterThe Broadband booster is a plug and play device, which is placed between your internet modem and router that eliminates the  'internet lag' in your network and boosts the speed of the internet applications by as much as 400%.

Essentially a network repeater, the broadband booster is compatible with all home/work broaband networks including DSL networks, and improves VoIP, Web cam, Instant Messaging, e-mail performance and elminates lag in Online XBox, PS2 and PC Gaming. > Read more

Coding Geeks: Code your way to €2,500 in Google Code Jam Europe

Google Code Jam Europe competition is now on since 1st May  till May 23 2006. So, if you are European C++, Java or C# coder make sure you enter. There's €30,000 in total cash, prizes and few hundred Google Code Jam T-shirts, and some other gizmo's to win.

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