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iPod Baseball Speaker Pillow

Talk of some really strange gadgets, this iPod Baseball Speaker Pillow is a cozy pillow that includes a full range speaker, which plays music from an iPod, casette player or any other MP3 player. No power needed either.

Now, why didn't we think of that? it's available for US$14.99 from here

iGameZ iPod/MP3 Player Music Game

iGameZ iPod Music Game
Here comes a wacky gadget that can be quite a roll at a party. The iGameZ iPod music game, uses an iPod or any other MP3 player for a party game of "Guess the Song" or "Guess the Artist".

The game starts by and your friends plugging their MP3 players into the iGameZ hub, which supports upto 4 players. The hub  selects the first MP3 player, who should choose a song from their music library, iGameZ hub then announces if the other players have to guess the title or the artist. Answer correctly for a point and the player who scores 5 points wins the game. Available for US > Read more

3 cool iPod accessories that can extend your iPod battery life upto 55 hours

We all love our iPods and we all love listening to music and watching videos on the iPods. Even the 12 hour playback time is good for most. But, what if you still want more playback time from the iPod? Maybe you are camping away from civilization for a week  or you just spend too much time in planes. What then?

The answer is an iPod Battery Extender - a small additional battery backup system that increases the life of the iPod battery and provides additional playback time without breaking your iPod or your wallet.

So right down to the point. Here are the three of the best battery enhancers and extenders for the iPod, which we found that offer good value for money and extend the playback time by as high as 55 hours.

Belkin F8E464 Backup Battery Pack for iPod > Read more

iBrella: iPod Controlling Umbrella

The iPod is for listening to music. The Umbrella is to protect you from the rain.  At least that's the way it used to be, till someone got this wild idea to control the iPod with an umbrella.


The iBrella as it's called, emulates all iPod commands solely by physical interactions with the umbrella. Open the umbrella to play,  close it to pause and shake it wildly to select a random song. If you want to  change the volume or the track, rotate yourself or the handle of the umbrella.

What do we think? It's a great idea if you live in the Amazon rain forests or maybe Auckland, where you can carry the umbrella and the iPod together always.  Otherwise maybe we will chose the iPod controlling backpack 

YoTank: Armour Protection for iPod

YoTank iPod Mini Case
YoTanks are iPod cases machined from solid alumunium for those who like to play rough. Which means you can take your iPod to places previously you wouldn't dare to, like Snowboarding, Rock climbing or some other extreme stunt without  breaking your iPod.


The YoTank cases are currently available for the iPod Mini/Nano/Video and the Creative Zen MP3 players. Prices vary from US$ 50 to US$ 80 and they are available from here.

iPod Digital Drumsticks: Portable drumming with the iPod music

ipod digital drumsticksDid you ever want to drum along with the music playing on your iPod or your home Hi-Fi? Well, then this is what you need - the iPod digital drumsticks.  Activated by motion, with these drumsticks you can play a  number of  drum and cymbal effects combinations, which include a tom-tom, bass drum, snare drum, hi-hat and crash cymbal without owning a whole drum set, pretty much anywhere.

The drumsticks are connected to the iPod or any other audio device like the hi-fi via a control module that clips  to a belt and also has a headphone output for silent play if you ever need it. It's a nice idea and they are portable so you can carry them to a party or do a impromptu gig. Available for US$ 29.95 from here

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