Top 10 Geeky Father's Day Gifts

Looking for the perfect geeky gift for your dad this father's day, the 18th June 2006? Then hopefully, this list will help you find something you and your dad both like! Here are our recommendations.

Binary Dad T-Shirt

What better way to tell the world that your dad is geek. The "Binary Dad" T-shirt is  in  'dad friendly' blue with DAD printed in 0 & 1's on the front in white.   Available for US $14.99 - 16.99 | More Info/Buy


Touch Screen Hand-held Soduku

If you dad loves playing Soduku, this touch screen hand-held Soduku is the ultimate gift for this father's day.The hand-held Soduku features 835 puzzles, 4 levels of difficulty and a game-timer with optional hints, if your dad gets stuck :) Available for US $19.99 | More Info/Buy > Read more

The Hard Drive Grinder: Sand & Grind with your Spare Hard Disk

What do you do when you need something to get sanded or grinded and have no spare tools? Use your old working hard disk drive of course. Hack open the hard drive, slap on some sanding paper and get on with it. Oooh, the power of the Hard Disk Drive Grinder. Amazing.


Possessed DVD Drive

This is what happens when you flash your DVD drive with the wrong firmware. Now, only if we can time it do that late in the night... Spooky.

The Mousepad Sofa

Mouse Pad Sofa

Looks comfortable. We wonder how many pads are there though.

[Via | Thanks for the link, Avik]

Painstation: Crazy Pain and Exchangeable Whips

The Painstation is  a videogame console that inflicts pain as you lose. This new version of the original made back in 2001 has new pain giving features like exchangable whips, adjustable pain levels, a subwoofer for sound effects and coin-slot so you can make cash while getting people to play for pain *eeesh. Of course, if you are playing well, it can use a a flashlight to distract you.

The Painstation is very strange device, and we doubt it will be something everyone would want. But, if you are into  S & D and that kind of stuff, you are most likely going to enjoy this gadget. No idea how much this thing costs though.

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