Binary T-shirts for 'Geek' Dad & Mom

If your mom or dad is a geek, these binary T-shirts, which say 'MOM' & 'DAD' in binary are the perfect gift for fathers/mothers day. Here's to Binary Mom and the Binary Dad from Think Geek.

Macbook Pro: Tested on Animals


Remote Control with 'Beads'

A design concept like the inflating flash usb drive, this bead remote control doesn't really satisfy your inner spiritual drive, but works like regular TV remote. Press a bead to change a channel, increase the volume  or do any of the regular TV functions.

The beads glow in the dark so you can see them in dark and can be customized with logos of your favorite channels. Of course, if you want this bead remote control to satisfy your inner spiritual drive as well, there is an option to listen to your favorite mantras while switching channels.  Too bad, we can't get our hands on one.  


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