Coding Geeks: Code your way to €2,500 in Google Code Jam Europe

Google Code Jam Europe competition is now on since 1st May  till May 23 2006. So, if you are European C++, Java or C# coder make sure you enter. There's €30,000 in total cash, prizes and few hundred Google Code Jam T-shirts, and some other gizmo's to win.

The Traveller's guide to Mars

Guide to Mars
Next time you take a vacation on mars in the year 2090, you might want to carry this book along. This guide book is filled with an extraordinary selection of photographs, maps, and paintings, including images from Mariner 9 and the Viking explorations, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the ongoing Mars Global Surveyor mission. Four gatefolds show the latest topographic maps of the entire Martian surface. Sidebars advise readers on what to wear and landing procedures.Grab it from ThinkGeek.comfor USD 16.99.Too bad, it doesn't give locations of martian hide-outs.

Nano Car: World's Smallest Car

Nano Car
Using the parts inside a single molocule, scientists of Rice University have constructed what is the world's smallest car.  Slightly wider than a strand of DNA and smaller than strand of human hair this car measures a teeny 4 nanometers across; a single human hair strand measures 80,000 nanometers in diameters.


But, even for the car of this size it has a chasis, freely rotating axles and a pivoting suspension. The wheels are buckyballs, spheres of pure carbon containing 60 atoms a piece. Though it's unlikely you can fit into this car or take a ride, this technology is being built for making nano trucks that can carry payloads. > Read more

Wireless Power: Look Ma it works with out any electricity!

A Maui-based company has come up with a way of harnessing and tapping into energy around us from microwave towers, kitchen microwaves into power that can be used for small devices. The applications are mind boggling as Star Bulletin puts it, "The most obvious, near-term uses include smoke alarms, burglar alarms or other sensors that never need a battery change. They simply recharge themselves with a device that harvests the electromagnetic waves, or photons, that already flood the space around them from a myriad of sources."

Wow. Recycled energy and that too in wireless form; Sweet! [Read More

Virus Cell: Tiny Batteries powered by Viruses are coming soon

First, this is not a Late Edition of an April Fool's joke. Researchers from MIT are working on tiny batteries that are powered by genetically modified viruses that can store up to 3 times more power than conventional batteries. These viruses attract cobalt oxide and gold and assemble them into ultra-thin wires about six nanometers in diameter, effectively creating electrode material.

The viruses do not need special environment and can even build a battery as small as a grain of rice. Sound's interesting, who said viruses are evil? 

Swash 600: High Tech Toilet Seat

Swash 600 is the ultimate toilet experience; a  high-tech toilet seat (also known as a seat bidet) that utilizes two retractable water wands to provide a fresh and hygienic cleansing of posterior and feminine areas. A Swash actually replaces your conventional toilet seat. Better than a conventional toilet seat, it has a heated seat and delivers a warm water wash with temperature, pressure, and pulsation adjustability. All functions are easily operated at the push of a button through a remote control. Swash 600 also has a a warm air dryer, which reduces or completely eliminates the need for toilet paper. > Read more

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