Umph Energy Tablets

Umph is the secret recipe for your own energy drink, which tastes better than the rest of the lot. Drop a tablet of Umph into the drink of your choice and it dissolves quickly to give you an energy drink with the flavor of your drink.

Each tablet contains 99 milligrams of caffeine and 30 milligrams of Panax Ginseng along with Vitamin B6 and  a single package of 20 tabs costs $8.99. Available from

Shoes made of computer keyboards

Computer Keyboard shoes
We aren't exactly sure if these are recycled from old keyboards, or if they have deeper meaning, but these shoes are made of computer keyboards and were displayed at the 14th China International Clothing & Accessories fair and even won the top prize  at a different event.


Okay, so who is making shoe laces from Cat 5 cables?..

[Via TechEblog

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