Play a game while you Pee: Here is the Videogame Urinal

Urinal video game
The less we say about this, the better.  This is one urinal that's supposed to make peeing fun.. well.


Recessed into a urinal is a pressure-sensitive display screen that when is peed on  triggers an interactive game, producing images and sound. We wonder if Shoot them'up games are going to called "Pee them Up"... Eeesh..

Anyway's if you want one, Marcel Neundörfer is the guy to contact.

Apple Mouse projects a real mouse picture

Heh, this has to be one of the best discoveries out there. It turns out that if you have a Apple Mighty optical mouse, it can project a real mouse hologram on the desk. Try it. Update: We found it does the same on a Apple Wireless mouse as well, though this one looks like a "Mickey Mouse" from some angles.

PS: It seems the  Microsoft optical mouse projects a picture of a devil <just kidding> :)

Discovered by: Dan Bowles > Read more

Overclock and Hack your mind for performance

Mind Performance Hacks
This is the ultimate overclocking manual for the ultimate machine - the human mind.

Aptly called  Mind Performance Hacks  the book from O'reilly provides real-life tips and tools for overclocking your brain and becoming a better thinker without becoming a cyborg (though that's a good idea too :-) Though, we haven't got our hands on one yet, the sample chapters are quite insightful and it seems like  a bargain for $24.95. If you bought it or have read it, drop us a comment, we would love to hear your opinion.

The Top 10 Geek Movies

First, let us start by saying that making this list wasn't  easy.  We wanted to make sure we got all of the best here, so we watched then re-watched a plenty of movies, bounced around the list with our staff and the geeks we know,  and drank a few hundred cups of coffee, before arriving at this  "Top 10 Geek Movies" list and a special must watch list.  Though we are betting your favorite geek movie will be here, if it isn't drop us  a comment.

So, here goes (they are not in any particular order):

Blade Runner
Set in the year 2019 the story is about Blade Runner, a police man of the future who hunts down and terminates replicants; artificially created humans.
We could tell you what it's about. But then, of course, we'd have to kill you :) Pretty engaging movie with computers, cryptography, and government espionage. Stars Robert Redford in the lead.
> Read more

Microsoft receives it's 5,000th patent: More Monopoly?

It's official. Microsoft has received it's 5,000th patent in the United States - officially patent number 6,999,083, which outlines the 'spectator' mode and experience on the Xbox 360. Of course, Microsoft is far behind IBM, which has over 25,000 patents, and others like Intel, Sony, and HP.  But, Microsoft has a goal of filing for 3,000 patents per year.

And Microsoft also intends to model it's patent licensing structure based on these companies. More monopoly? Well, that's 5,000 more ideas, which you can't have unless, you pay - of course.  :)

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