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Back to the Past: Steve Jobs, Apple and Mac Videos

Steve Jobs iMac

Our second Back to the past post today (see Microsoft Windows v1.0), but this one is a list of links to videos on YouTube, starting with the very first   Macintosh.

The Introduction of the very first Macintosh
NeXTSTEP Release 3 Demo (it was shelved as an OS, but many of the features are now in Mac OS X)  > Read more

The Ultimate Dream Mac Setup

Ultimate Mac Setup

What a setup? There are three 30-inch Apple Cinema displays, a 23-inch display, 1.42 GHz Mac Mini, a G5, iSight, and a 17-inch Powerbook G4 in that. Where do people get this kind of money... We are soooo jealous. :P


The Latest - MacBook Pro from Apple - What's New?

Macbook Pro
The MacBooks have started shipping, and are offering higher speeds than what was announced in Macworld.  The $2499 model will ship with a 2Ghz processor instead of 1.83 Ghz and the $1999 model will ship with 1.83 Ghz instead of 1.67 Ghz. There is also an option for a 2.16 Ghz processor in a built-to-order model.
11th Jan 2006
Finally, what all Mac geeks have been waiting for since Steve Jobs hinted at it last year has been officially launched - the MacBook Pro series of laptops that will replace the current generation of Mac Powerbooks.

  > Read more

What's missing in MacBook Pro?

Now that the buzz has died down a bit, it's time to introspect. And yes, there are quite a few things that are missing on MacBook Pro compared to the now legacy "PowerBook", apart from "Power" in the name.

No Modem

That's right, there's no modem on the new Powerbook's (oops.. MacBook Pro). You can use an external modem, but come'on seriously will you carry one? And, no not every place in the world has wireless.


Apple has dumped the PCMCIA card slot for the new "Express Card". Sure, it's faster but the only problem is that there aren't too many "Express Card" accessories. Of course, since they aren't backwards compatible, you can't plug your PCMCIA card into the "Express Card" slot either.
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