MacBook: Beautiful Apples in Black

MacBook Black
So, finally it's here. The MacBook. And it's available  in black; pure glossy black. Of course, if you are boring you can also choose White <hehe>. Wow!

So, what's new? Lots! There is the new 13.3 inch Widescreen LCD display that supports 1280x800 resolution, built-in iSight camera, Frontrow software, Apple Remote, Intel 950 graphics accelerator with 64 MB RAM, choice of 60GB or 80 GB hard disks, and the choice of slot loading DVD writer/DVD reader. Of course, the new MacBook uses the Core Duo Intel chip, so there is a choice of 1.82 Ghz or 2.0 Ghz and the MacBook like the rest of the gang can now also dual boot Windows or run Mac OSX simulatenously with Windows.
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How to get Macbooks & Apple Gear Cheap: Real Cheap!

Apple products aren't cheap. But, if you are planning to buy a Macbook, an iMac or an iPod shuffle, there is a place to get it cheaper, really cheaper. For example,  you could snag a   15" Macbook Pro for $1699 (300$ cheaper than the list price),  an Apple iPod Shuffle for $49 (50% off the regular price) or an 20" Apple Cinema Display for $699 (list price $1299). Sweet, isn't it?

So how exactly do you get these deals? Nah, there are no coupons, contests to play or mail back rebates. It's easy - Think refurbished. Think Apple's certified refurbished products from Apple's Online Store; all of which come with limited 1 year warranty, and can be extended with Applecare.
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MacBook Pro 17-inch is here: It's Faster, Brighter and still 1-inch thin!

Macbook Pro 17
 It's finally here. The 17-inch Macbook Pro from Apple has been announced, and may we say it's a beauty.

Powered by a 2.16 GHz Intel Dual Core processor, the 17 inch model bundles 1GB of memory running at 667 Mhz, an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics processor with 256MB video memory, two firewire ports (one 400 and one 800 Mbps), three 480-Mbps USB 2.0 ports, an ExpressCard slot, 120 GB hard drive, 8x DVD+R Dual Layer super drive  and a built-in iSight camera. > Read more

Parallels: Run Windows XP, Linux & any other OS simultaneously with Mac OS X

Parallels Workstation  is the first virtualization software designed to work with Intel-based Apple computers including the MacBook Pro, which allows the you to simultaneously use Windows, Linux and any other operating system  at the same time as Mac OS X. 

Unlike the Boot Camp from Apple, Parallels let's you work with all these operating systems without a dual boot; sort of like Microsoft Virtual PC and other virtual PC emulation software, but due to native virtualization it's claimed to offer pretty much the same speed as running it natively. > Read more

Poll: Will you buy the new Apple MacBook Pro?

Yah, It's on Order
36% (15 votes)
Nah, Nei...Never ..
10% (4 votes)
The Name Sucks
7% (3 votes)
I will wait for v2
38% (16 votes)
Where's the 17 inch?
10% (4 votes)
Total votes: 42

What's missing in MacBook Pro?

Now that the buzz has died down a bit, it's time to introspect. And yes, there are quite a few things that are missing on MacBook Pro compared to the now legacy "PowerBook", apart from "Power" in the name.

No Modem

That's right, there's no modem on the new Powerbook's (oops.. MacBook Pro). You can use an external modem, but come'on seriously will you carry one? And, no not every place in the world has wireless.


Apple has dumped the PCMCIA card slot for the new "Express Card". Sure, it's faster but the only problem is that there aren't too many "Express Card" accessories. Of course, since they aren't backwards compatible, you can't plug your PCMCIA card into the "Express Card" slot either.
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